Try These Feng Shui Tips To Update The Vibe In Your Home

Just like in life, simple changes can add up and make a big difference in your home too. Feng shui, the study of how energy impacts the home space, offers a few simple — and free — tools to refresh your home by making slight adjustments.

Mindbodygreen starts by explaining perhaps the most important tip: decluttering. Clutter can make even the most gorgeous of rooms feel stifling, so spend some time rummaging through drawers, organizing cabinets and getting rid of anything that you no longer need. Pick up some new bins and storage containers to keep your items neat and tidy — including behind your closet doors. The outlet notes that, when you sit down to organize, you're also tapping into your creative energy which may bring more opportunities into your life. 

Once you've decluttered, take a look at your decor. Do you still love where your family photo is hanging? If you've had the same artwork set up for years, it may be time to find a new place for your wall hangings or switch them out with others. The outlet suggests spending time sifting through your displays — either on your walls or on your shelves or countertops — and moving things around. Instead of purchasing new items, swap rooms or areas to elevate and curate a new space in your home that better represents who you are today.

Add salt around your home

While it may seem a little out there, salt is a powerful energy clearing tool. If you've ever taken an Epsom salt bath and felt 100 pounds lighter, you'll know how effective it can be. Apparently, salt is also a powerful tool in feng shui as well. Mindbodygreen recommends placing a bowl of sea salt by doors, corners or anywhere that feels stagnant. Obviously, do so safely so that children and pets can't reach it, but know that this offers a powerful clearing tool that can open up and revive your space. Leave the dish of salt for a few days and then empty it into the trash. Finish by removing the trash from your house for a full energetic cleanse.

Furthermore, removing any overly intense symbolism or imagery can make a big difference in the flow of energy in your space as well. My Domaine explains that these images may impact our space and its inhabitants in a negative way after a while. Feng shui expert Laura Benko explains, "symbolism is constantly bombarding us on an everyday basis. From literature, to traffic signage, to movies, we're always being guided by symbolism. In our homes, it's enhanced even more, because we are creating these intimate environments that most often represent our fears and challenges."

"Do you have trouble getting clarity?" she asks. "Check if you have stuff all over your surfaces. Do you have self-esteem issues? Check if your mirrors are hung too high, so you can never measure up. Are you chronically single? Assess if you're loading up your home with single imagery—a single vase, a single chair, a single person in a picture."