This Is What's Actually On Jess Sims' Daily Menu

Jess Sims is basically a celebrity in the Peloton world as one of the instructors, and she's got a huge following (via Shape). Obviously her work as a fitness instructor helps keep her in shape, and if you've ever taken one of her classes or seen her Instagram, you can tell she's fit. But what does she eat to keep her fueled up for her workouts? Is it all healthy food all the time? After all, one of her catch phrases is getting the "glazed donut look."

She starts her day with a glass of water and if she's got the time, a cup of coffee. For breakfast, she goes for protein and healthy fats, and potentially a side of fruit, telling Women's Health: "I always have eggs either over-medium or over-hard with salt, pepper, and red pepper and half an avocado on my favorite bread, Dave's Killer Bread."

For lunch, it is "usually a salad with lots of nuts and seeds and some carbs—sweet potatoes, rice, etc." (via The Healthy). Her go-to snacks include apples with cinnamon and apple butter, trail mix with nuts, and hummus with carrots or rice crackers (via Women's Health). Throughout the day, she stays hydrated, which helps keep her food intake on track; Sims told The Healthy, "I drink a ton of water with lemon as well as green tea midday to avoid succumbing to cravings."

Jess Sims doesn't shy away from sweet treats

When it comes to dinner, she has learned to cook for herself and tries to do so most of the week, "I used to be afraid of cooking because it felt like it was a huge, complicated production to make dinner, but then I realized how easy and fun it is when you choose your own ingredients" (via Peloton). A couple of her favorite recipes are Pesto Cauliflower Gnocchi with Chicken Sausage and Shrimp & Spaghetti Squash. She doesn't avoid carbs entirely; Sims aims for healthy carbs like chickpea pasta or sweet potatoes (via Women's Health).

Dessert isn't off limits since Sims has a sweet tooth, and eats something sweet every day. She tackles those cravings for sweetness with a simple recipe: "You just mix together ripe banana, oats, and chocolate chips, bake 'em for like 15 minutes, and you've got chocolate chip cookies" (via Women's Health). And as you'd imagine with the catchphrase "glazed donut look" — she does indulge on occasion with treats like donuts, ice cream, and carrot cake.

When it comes down to it, Sims is looking for quality in her food: "My food is primarily my fuel; it's what makes me feel good and energetic enough to tackle whatever I have to tackle," she explained to Women's Health. "My father always told me to splurge on the F's: your friends, family, feet, and food."