What Is A Septril Piercing? Everything You Need To Know

You're likely to be familiar with a lot of different nose piercings — where do we start? From a simple stud or ring in the nostril to septum and bridge piercings, there's a lot you can do with your nose. However, you might not be quite as familiar with the septril piercing as you are with some of the other options. 

Without a doubt, it's one of the more uncommon piercings, so you might not know anybody with one — getting a septril piercing is certainly one way to stand out from the crowd! Having said that, it's probably not the best idea for a first piercing, and the whole process is a little longer than that for getting your earlobes or nostril pierced, for example. You'll need to get your septum pierced first too! 

If you're thinking of getting a septril piercing, or you're simply interested in the procedure, here's everything you need to know. 

You'll need a stretched septum piercing beforehand

Speaking to Byrdie, TK Garcia describes septril piercings as most often being seen on piercing enthusiasts and piercers themselves, because for a septril piercing, you'll need to already have a stretched septum piercing. Hence, before getting the septril piercing, there's a rather lengthy process of first getting your septum pierced if you haven't already, and then getting it stretched — something you shouldn't do yourself at home (via Artistic Haven)!

Does it hurt? "Pain is a matter of perspective ... I've heard that septrils were very easy, and I've heard it said that they are very painful, even when placed in the exact same way," says Garcia. Even so, the cost alone might be enough to make your eyes water. You should always choose an experienced piercer, and the experience could cost you up to $100.

Essentially, your septum piercing is stretched to the point where you can pierce it down right to the tip of your nose, giving the wearer a unique look. However, it'll take time and money, and you'll need to look after your nose while it heals, so it's definitely not a piercing for everyone.