What The New Moon In Gemini On June 10 Means If You're An Air Sign

Not only will most of the northern hemisphere get to witness a solar eclipse this Thursday, June 10 (via Space), but this astrological event also happens to occur at the same time as this month's new moon. While the level of eclipse that people will get to see will depend on where they are located, a new moon is a new moon for all of us, no matter where we are on the planet. When new moon solar eclipses take place, many people head outside with eclipse glasses or other protective gear to check out the "ring of fire." And while it is certainly a fascinating event scientifically, those who believe in astrology are also particularly interested in this type of eclipse

According to Bustle, new moon solar eclipses are believed to usher in new beginnings and unexpected news with sudden energy. While every sign is likely to feel the effects of this, knowing how this event is likely to affect your particular sign can help you feel a bit better prepared rather than simply telling yourself to expect the unexpected. If you're an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), here's what's in store for you. 

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

Gemini, this eclipse is taking place during your season, which means you will be deeply affected by it (via Bustle). In your case, you are likely being faced with and learning to integrate and embrace parts of yourself you might have shied away from or denied in the past. This can be a challenging process, but by allowing that integration to take place, you are welcoming growth and self acceptance in a new way, becoming a more complete, whole, and genuine version of yourself.

Libra, you've likely been feeling a pull toward the spiritual lately, and Mercury retrograde, which we are still in the midst of, has had you reviewing things to make sure you have all the information and are integrating it properly in your decisions (via Elite Daily). Allow yourself to focus on spiritual practice and on integrating the information you might receive while meditating or during a ritual. In other words: trust your intuition and your higher self, and don't be afraid to act on new information. 

Aquarius, while it may feel unnatural for you, this is a good time to wear your heart on your sleeve (via Bustle). Whether in your romantic life, a creative endeavor, or other pursuits, this is the time to follow your heart and make your passions and feelings known. Pour yourself into what truly ignites you, and you will see beautiful and surprising results.