Why Jill Biden's Presence At The G7 Summit Is Dividing The Internet

When President Joe Biden headed off on his first overseas trip to Britain on Air Force One, no heads were turned when First Lady Dr. Jill Biden accompanied him on the trip. But eyebrows were definitely raised when the FLOTUS Twitter account shared a photo of Dr. Biden seated at the presidential desk and reading a briefing book along with the caption "Prepping for the G7."

While we don't know exactly what Dr. Biden was reading, we know she has a full schedule ahead of her, which includes meetings with several veterans groups, as well as taking part in activities meant for the spouses of the different G7 leaders. Part of her schedule was outlined in a series of Tweets shared by her communications director, Elizabeth Alexander.

Still, the photo was met with a barrage of criticism, most notably from the right, who wanted to know how and why the First Lady was occupying the President's desk, and potentially reading notes meant for her husband. "Why is an unelected first lady and community college teacher 'prepping for the G7" on air force one?'" one social media user queried. The House Republican Conference even took aim at the President, tweeting: "Where's Joe?'

First Lady Jill Biden's supporters flocked to social media on her behalf

Dr. Biden's supporters rushed to social media to defend her. One netizen derided her conservative critics, saying: "She's his spouse. Spouses go too. She needs to prep for meetings with them and others, dinners with the leaders and their spouses. Plus she is having dinner with the queen. This is nothing new. At least she prepares."

Another social media user tweeted: "As a mom of girls, Jill Biden is exactly the kind of role model I want my daughters to look up to...brilliant, successful, well-educated...but at the same time...shes kind and compassionate, and seeks opportunities to use her position to help those in need. Thank you @FLOTUS"

A third used the opportunity to take a shot at the GOP, saying: "Well if the Republicans know how to do one thing well its being childish.. Other than that, I cant think of anything else they do well. Oh wait, taking credit for other people's work. So glad the adults are back in power."