The Truth About Queen Elizabeth's Relationship With Prince George

Being third in line to the throne, Prince George might just be the most famous seven-year-old in the world. Not many schoolchildren can say that their great-grandmother is the Queen, either — and as such, the current monarch and future monarch have a unique relationship that's unlike any other between a great-grandparent and great-grandchild. 

It's thought that Prince George might remind Her Majesty of herself as a child. After all, the young prince is said to be a little shy, unlike his younger sister Charlotte (via Good To Know). Both Prince George's grandfather, Prince Charles, and his great-grandmother the Queen were reported to have been rather shy — the Queen's late husband Prince Philip reportedly even describing her as shy when they first met over 80 years ago (via Parade). They might be similar in temperament, but what's the relationship between the Queen and her great-grandson like? We take a closer look here.

The Queen leaves presents at the foot of Prince George's bed

Despite suggestions that the Queen's favorite great-grandchild is Princess Charlotte, due to their shared love of horses and ponies (via Woman & Home), Her Majesty also clearly has a special bond with Charlotte's older brother, Prince George, too.

Per Daily Mail, the future monarch calls his great-grandmother "Gan Gan", something that the Queen is said to love, and Her Majesty is also said to go out of her way to spend time with her great-grandson. Like any doting grandparent, the Queen can't resist treating Prince George to presents either, leaving a selection of little gifts at the foot of his bed whenever he stays over at Buckingham Palace (via The Mirror).

However, Prince George has his favorites too. While Her Majesty is surely among them for the bond they share, his favorite uncle is said to be Mike Tindall, son-in-law to Princess Anne, as the former rugby player doesn't take himself too seriously. Set to become a King later on his life, the Queen is one of very few people alive who knows what could be in store for George, but above all, they're simply great-grandparent and great-grandchild.