Unusual Ear Piercing Spots You've Never Heard Of

Over 80% of people in the United States alone have their ears pierced (via Verywell Health), and there are many creative placements when it comes to showing off holes and jewelry on these two body parts. You might think that the lobe alone is the only part of the ear that can be pierced, but we're here to tell you that there are far more options. 

First up is the scapha, which is located in the outer conch or outer sheller — a fairly large, flat, and smooth part of the ear (via Body Candy). Next up is the helix and its many variations. According to Byrdie, this piercing can be found anywhere on the ear's upper outer cartilage, and there can be multiple occurrences on one ear. For instance, the forward helix (also known as the inner helix, ear head, forward pinna, or helix root) is in the inside of the upper rim, as reported by Body Candy. The auricle (another name for this piercing) is midway on the outermost edge, as stated by Refinery29

Byrdie also pointed out that new, unique piercings can compensate for any older ones that were not placed in a desired locale. For example, many people have their lobes pierced first, and a high-lobe piercing can add some interest if the first hole was too high, off-centered, and so on.

Some unique piercings can help with medical issues

Byrdie listed out some other out-of-the-box ear piercings. There is the hoop next to the cartilage inside the ear, the daith, which has been said to help with migraines if pierced (if this is true, count us in). The conch is in the middle of the ear's cartilage, making it a versatile option. An industrial piercing is usually a straight barbell across the top of the ear. Another possibly painful piercing, found on the inner, folded cartilage, is the rook. 

The tragus is the little portion of the ear that sticks out, covering the ear canal, and there is the anti-tragus, as well, which is the vertical cartilage above the earlobe's cartilage. Since it is thicker than other parts of the ear, Ranker warned that this particularly unique piercing can be pretty painful.

Finally, for those who want to go all out, there is the gradient piercing option, which shows off an array of placements and pieces of jewelry all the way down the ear! If unique and unheard of piercings are for you, consider this your ultimate guide. Now just be sure to take care of any new piercing correctly, and you'll be good to go!