The One Home Trend That Will Stick Around After The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic turned lives upside down in a flash in 2020. While so many of us watched the news each night, looking for any bright spot, we also had to focus on our own lives and how to make being at home a lot more than we were used to — not just something we could endure, but something we could thrive doing. That meant adjusting our lives and adjusting our living space.

Some were forced to work from home 40 hours a week while also trying to help their kids virtually learn, when many parents were never meant to be teachers. To do that, we had to make do with the space we had, and people got creative trying to do just that. Smaller desks became a trend, according to Elle Design, while PC sales increased by 11% (via The Verge). As people had to find new ways to live their lives inside, they also may have learned that they like these changes.

Multipurpose rooms are the new normal

"We all made our living spaces work for us last year, and many of our rooms served multiple purposes. We added workspaces to our living rooms, classrooms into our kitchens, and gyms to our bedrooms. This year, people will be finding ways to reimagine their homes and incorporate pieces that help restore balance to our multi-functional spaces," etsy's Dayna Isom Johnson told Good Housekeeping.

Indeed, some people did add gym equipment to one corner of their bedroom and a workstation to another. Others took rooms used for storage and created a combination gym/office, with the Peloton spin bike becoming a symbol of 2020 fitness. Peloton's bike sales doubled over 2019, according to We couldn't go to the gym and interact, so we brought that interaction into our homes digitally.

As of this writing, people are beginning to venture outside for the summer, many of us vaccinated and unmasked, but our lifestyles have changed, as have our homes. And some people may like that home change for the better.