Natural And Gentle Home Remedies For Acne

Acne is not just a teenage ailment, as it can occur at any age. Although adult acne is less common than teen acne, it affects more women than men and can often occur during menopause when hormones are off balance. Healthline reports that 25% of women aged 40-49 get acne. Hormonal imbalances that occur with puberty are also what cause teen acne, so it makes sense that the same thing would cause adult-onset flareups. But how do you remedy acne using natural and gentle methods?

While hormones are the underlying cause of most acne, oily skin is a result of hormones, and the oil is what inflames the skin and causes the acne to form (via Healthline) . Hormones stimulate the production of sebum, an oily substance found in your sebaceous glands, according to Medical News Today. So, the trick is to control the oil causing clogged pores, which in turn helps treat and prevent acne.

Popular items found in your home can help treat acne

That baking soda found in your fridge to absorb odors can do wonders for acne (via Byrdie). Creating a baking soda mask is a great way to unclog those oil-filled pores, according to Byrdie. It's also very simple to do. Just take 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of warm water, and mix together to form a paste. If that is not enough to thicken the paste, add just one more teaspoon of baking soda, but no more than that. Then, simply rub the paste on your face, wait 10 minutes, and rinse off.

That apple cider vinegar you use to create your own salad dressings can also help treat acne. "It's the best astringent in nature because it helps to balance the skin's pH, making you both less oily and less dry," Adina Grigore, founder of S.W. Basics told Byrdie. "I recommend using a mixture of one part vinegar to four parts water. Apply to your face with cotton or a spritzer. No need to wash it off."

More popular kitchen remedies that prevent and treat acne

You usually put honey in your tea, but you can also use it as a remedy for acne scars. However, you want to mix the honey with a few other simple ingredients first, including aloe vera, 1 teaspoon of chickpea flour, and a bit of turmeric to create a paste. Then, like the baking soda mask, coat your face with the paste, and rinse off with cool water. You can go further by rubbing an ice cube on your skin for half a minute to relieve facial congestion (via Byrdie).

Medical News Today suggests using garlic to prevent and reduce inflammation, which in turn can treat and prevent acne. However, the outlet warns you not to apply garlic directly to the face, as it can cause irritation. Instead, you can add raw garlic cloves to your food or take garlic pills.

Finally, simple table salt also acts as a natural acne remedy. "Fine-grain salt cleans deeply, removes dead skin cells, balances moisture, and pulls toxins from pores, making it especially great for preventing acne or quick treatments during flare-ups on the face and body," Adina Grigore told Byrdie.

She recommends using a wet hand to gently pat it onto your skin and leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing. And doing this gently is key, as salt can be abrasive and you don't want to damage your skin more.