The Summer Solstice Is On June 20: Here's What Astrologists Say You Should Do

The annual summer solstice in the northern hemisphere on June 20 has different meanings for different people. For the practical, it means the first day of summer has arrived, along with all the activities that go with it, including hanging out at the ocean or pool or having a backyard barbecue. It's also the longest day of the year, so you have a chance to enjoy more daylight into the evening. For those who are more spiritual, the summer solstice offers a chance for reflection, renewal, and new beginnings.

Since ancient times, humans have celebrated and honored the summer solstice in different ways. For ancient Greeks, the solstice marked the start of a new year and the one-month countdown to the original Olympic games, according to Ancient Romans marked the time by honoring the goddess named Vesta, where women could enter a temple and give offerings in exchange for family good fortune.

In 2021, the summer solstice is arriving at a time when we are emerging from our homes after a trying year that saw millions die as the result of a worldwide pandemic. According to Women and Home, that has resulted in a variety of astrological movements that make this year different. So, what do astrologists suggest for June 20?

Astrologists preview a momentous summer solstice where creativity takes center stage

In 2020, people were hesitant to start anything new when summer began. The world was full of uncertainty, as we didn't know if, how, or when the coronavirus pandemic would end. In 2021, there is hope and positivity, according to astrologer Narayana Montufar.

"This year, the summer solstice comes with a few gifts. Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and protection will be activated," Montufar said (via My Imperfect Life). "If there are some projects that we've been wanting trying to get off the ground, the summer could very well provide the correct astrological weather for us to work on it and bring it to success."

Woman and Home suggests embracing the positivity that comes with the 2021 summer solstice by writing down what you're grateful for, celebrating your accomplishments over the last year, and getting outdoors in nature.

How specific signs can affect this year's summer solstice

According to My Imperfect Life, the moon will be in Scorpio in 2021 and the sun will be in Cancer and that will make a difference with how we celebrate this year's summer solstice.

"With both luminaries in water signs (the Sun will be entering Cancer), we can expect to be immersed in feelings, deep emotions, and creative endeavors. Since water signs naturally want to merge, those in partnerships can get closer, and singles will feel the need to start new relationships," said Narayana Montufaur.

She suggests being by the water as much as you can this summer. "Performing gratitude and abundance rituals by the water is highly advised during this time," Narayana says. "And most importantly, have some clarity towards what [you'd] would like to manifest for the season ahead."

Most of all, My Imperfect Life advises performing self-care to have the summer you've been looking forward to.