Everything To Know Before Getting A Partial Perm

There's no getting away from the fact that the 1980s are back. The 1980s — known for customized denim jackets, bright neon tones, and of course the perm – are back in a big, big way, as noted by Style Craze. One of the trends that has made a huge comeback in recent years is the hairstyle the 1980s was known for, the perm, but with a modern twist. Gone are the days of Chutney from "Legally Blonde" and seriously harsh chemical that damage hair — thanks to advances in hair perming tech, it's far easier to keep your hair healthy without compromising on your curls.

According to Healthline, a perm will usually last for between three and six months, offering a semi-permanent solution to achieving a natural-looking curl or wave. How long a perm lasts does also depend on the type of hair you have, as well as how well you care for your permed locks.

What's great about the modern perm is the range of styles available, including the partial perm. As Byrdie reported, a partial perm is a perm that is only applied to one portion of the hair, and not the entire head of hair. 

What is a partial perm, and should you get one?

According to Healthline, a perm is performed using chemicals that break down the bonds of the hair, reforming them, and creating a wave. There are two methods for perming – a hot perming method and a cold perming method.

A cold perm tends to create tight curls, whereas a hot perm is usually used to create curls or waves that are looser and more natural-looking. For a partial perm, usually a hot perming method is used, with the chemicals only applied to the ends of the hair to create a partial curly look.

Hair stylist Mateo Lara explained to Byrdie that partial perms are most effective when used on a shorter hairstyle. He explained that, "It's one of my favorite perms for shorter hair, especially on men." Because a partial perm allows for movement to be added to the hair style, in addition to extra texture, Lara believes that a partial perm can add extra style to a cropped cut.

In terms of who a partial perm is best for, Lara suggested it works best on shorter styles. However, Healthline noted that this perming method can also be used on mid-length styles to add body to the hair roots or to add a partial wave or curl.