Everything We Know About Lapis Lazuli Healing Crystals

When it comes to healing crystals, many people often opt for things like amethyst and rose quartz. While these are great options, they don't offer quite the same properties as the less talked about lapis lazuli crystal. Featuring a rich blue hue with sparkling flecks of pyrite, this eye-catching stone is known as a symbol of wisdom and truth (via Crystal Vaults).

With a rich and royal history, lapis lazuli has been used by prominent figures for years in both life and death. In fact, Egyptian King Tutankhamun was reportedly buried with a large amount of the stones in his sarcophagus and many other important people of the time wore jewelry bearing the stone. It was also used as one of the earliest forms of makeup, having been ground up and used as eyeshadow in the days of ancient Egypt. Michelangelo famously created works of art using the celestial color of the stone as paint, per Crystal Vaults.

The use of this stone in ancient civilizations went far beyond its beauty — these cultures believed that the stone provided people with various forms of protection and many still believe that to this day.

Lapis lazuli has many healing properies

In addition to providing wisdom and truth, lapis lazuli is believed to be a powerful protective stone. According to My Crystals, the deep blue crystal helps to protect against psychic attacks, while bringing peace and harmony. Lapis lazuli is also said to reveal inner truth. Believed to allay negative thoughts, lapis lazuli is the ultimate healing crystal for building up a more positive state of mind. In addition to emotional healing properties, many believe that the stone has physical healing properties as well.

Lapis lazuli reportedly has immune boosting properties, as well as the ability to connect the heart and mind to promote the natural flow of blood. This process is great for the skin, respiratory system, and mind. Astrologers recommend wearing the stone during a waning moon to increase your intuition (via My Crystals).

Lapis lazuli possesses many healing properties that can change your mind and body, and it's definitely not one to overlook next time you're browsing the aisles of your local crystal shop.