The Best Eyeshadow Color Palette Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You've heard of fictional characters perfectly representing the zodiac signs and trying new hobbies based on your sign, but now you can match your makeup to your sign. Your zodiac sign encapsulates who you are. It explains your temperament, strengths and weaknesses, desires, and so much more, and certain colors are even often associated with each sign (via Astrology Zodiac Signs).

If you can channel your sign into your makeup, then you'd be representing yourself in a really powerful and authentic way. This works twofold because certain colors also elicit certain moods. For example, red may represent anger, while cooler colors like blue may represent sadness and passivity (via Smashing Magazine). Certain signs are known to represent certain moods, and certain colors are associated with both certain signs and certain moods, so everything works in tandem to make a really cohesive display of self if you apply your sign's color to your makeup.

This is the color each sign should wear

The eyeshadow colors that each sign should wear really run the gamut of the color spectrum. For example, according to American Beauty Star, a Leo should wear gold, while an Aquarius should wear blue and a Pisces should wear light green. Gold represents Leo's warm, inviting energy; blue represents Aquarius' position as a cool but fun water sign; and light green represents the regenerative side of the Pisces sign. Leos should then check out Urban Decay's Naked Honey palette; Aquarians should check out Morphe's Blue Ya Away palette; and Pisces should check out J.Cat Beauty's Dia and Noche Tri-Element palette.

Moreover, a Taurus should wear green to represent the earth and growth, a Gemini should wear yellow to represent their simultaneous warmth and spunk, and a Cancer should wear both white and silver. The white represents their purity and sensitivity, while the silver represents their intuition. Because of this, Taureans should check out Docolor's Green Gemstone palette, Geminis should check out ColourPop's Fade Into Hue palette, and Cancers should check out BH Cosmetics' Blueberry Muffin palette. 

These are the palettes the other six zodiac signs should use

Meanwhile, astrologer Jake Register recommends amber for a Virgo because of its "end-of-summer aesthetics," rose or rose gold for a Scorpio because it's romantic and edgy, and onyx for a Capricorn because it's bold and tells everyone around them that they "mean business" (via Cosmopolitan). Virgos and Scorpios should both check out Too Faced's Born This Way palette as it contains copious shades of both rose gold and amber. Capricorns, on the other hand, should check out Colourpop's Stone Cold Fox palette.

And then there were three signs. A Sagittarius should wear purple because it's bold and this sign is all about being bold while being nurturing; a Libra should wear pink and light blue because "their presence is like a breath of fresh air" and these cotton candy color represent that beautifully; and an Aries should wear red to represent their fiery nature (via American Beauty Star). Because of this, a Sagittarius should check out Urban Decay's Naked Ultraviolet palette, while Libras should check out BH Cosmetics' Remix Dance '90s palette and Aries should check out Nyx Professional Makeup's Ultimate Eyeshadow palette in Phoenix.

Whatever your sign is, there is a color meant for you. If you see a color associated with your sign here that you typically don't wear, why not give it a try?