How To Best Support Yourself And Your Emotions This Cancer Season

It's been a hard year and a half for a lot of people. This cancer season may bring up more emotions that have been bubbling to the surface for a while now. Even though it can be uncomfortable, this is actually a potent time for growth and self-reflection. Cancer is the quintessential water sign that deals with our emotions, sensitivity and intuition. Throughout the rest of June and first few weeks of July, we'll be moving through this energy.

Mindbodygreen explains that the sign of cancer deals with the home and relationships within the home. Making time to rest, restore and reflect are seriously important to people with a lot of cancer in their chart. Additionally, the outlet notes, cancer is the cardinal water sign, meaning that it has a lot to do with new beginnings and birth. The mother of the zodiac, cancers love to feel safe, supported and nurtured. During this season, it's important to carve out time to support yourself fully — similar to the way a mother would care for their child.

Indeed, the outlet notes, between June 20th and July 22nd, home life and family will be the main theme for all of us, not just those born in cancer season. Safety and security are big issues here, so the outlet suggests remembering that emotions will pass and tending to your emotional health before you lash out at others. Having empathy and being gentle with yourself will take you far this season.

Cancer season brings much-needed relaxation

If your summer has gotten off to a hot and heavy start, you're not alone. The chaos of Gemini season impacted everyone and everything. Combined with a Mercury retrograde and multiple eclipses, it's been an intense few months. Elle reports that a softer, more chill vibe is in store for Cancer season 2021, plus Jupiter is quite active as well. This transit has a lot to do with our dreams, meaning that pleasant surprises are rampant. Even though you might find yourself "in the feels" periodically, it's a welcome shift away from the incessant mind chatter you may be used to. Spend some time with these feelings, take care of them and see how you can feel more at home in your daily life.

Plus, according to the outlet, grand gestures of love may be on the agenda for you as well. Venus and Mars move into showy Leo this season so romance may be in the air. If you have a partner, take note of any big changes and open your heart to receive more love. If you're single, keep your eyes open for any suitors headed your way.

Furthermore, any intuition-strengthening activities are great for cancer season. Get outside, see what your body and mind need, then act on whatever you feel. These are often the ways that we can move through the bigger emotional moments of cancer season to reveal their true gifts.

Cancer season this year will likely bring a welcome reprieve to the intensity of the last year and a half. Even if your emotions get a little inflated, spend time with them, reconnect with what makes you feel at home and nourish yourself from the inside out.