This Is Why You Need A Fountain In Your Home, According To Feng Shui

Your home is often a reflection of how you're feeling on the inside. According to feng shui, areas of your home also correspond with various areas of your life. When things in your career, relationship or home life seem to be stagnant or sour, feng shui consultants bring in different elements to help balance things out. For instance, if things aren't flowing, water fountains provide an easy, calming remedy.

The Spruce reports that fountains help balance and bring in the water element which impacts your finances, emotions and intuition. The outlet notes that if you'd like to bring in more depth to your life — whether it's in your professional network, personal life or your bank account — picking up an indoor or outdoor fountain can make a big difference. Plus, by having moving water in your home at all times, it catalyzes the movement of stagnant energy, the outlet notes. This helps break up areas of blocked energy that can cause blockages in our lives as well.

Furthermore, My Move explains, the sound of gently running water can provide a soothing, natural addition to your home that helps relax your body and mind.

The placement of your fountain is important

There are also a few rules to follow when choosing the best fountain for your space. In feng shui, metal technically feeds the water element, so if you're looking for an added boost, choosing a metal fountain is a great idea. For a grounding, stable feeling, opt for ceramic or stone, The Spruce suggests.

The next most important aspect of this is your fountain's placement. On the Bagua map, there are areas that correspond with things like career, fame and relationships. The Spruce explains that by choosing the career area as the home for your fountain, you can create deeper, more meaningful relationships and opportunities for yourself in your life. Otherwise, wood element areas such as the wealth or family spaces make a perfect home for your flowing water. You can also place it close to the front door to invite more opportunities into your life. 

Making a softer, more inviting atmosphere in your home can be simple, plus it can help spur good fortune, My Domaine reports. Find a fountain that makes you feel calm and happy just to look at — then notice any changes in your life!