Here's What Everyone Gets Wrong About Libras

Libras are the justice-driven, social butterflies of the zodiac — a sign shared by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Cardi B, and Serena Williams that's known for loving love and being a little bit superficial to boot (via Refinery29). But, apart from Libra's flirtatious and sometimes shallow nature, what else is there to know about the scales sign? 

Well, quite a lot. While Libras get a bad rep for falling in love every five minutes (okay, maybe it's more like 10), staring at themselves in the mirror too much, and being super high-maintenance, there's much more than meets the eye with this zodiac sign. Sure they love a great shopping trip, a pampering spa day, or a super-luxe date night, but their sense of fairness gives them real insight into personal and world issues, too. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the very misunderstood Libra.

Libras seek beauty and exude charm

First off, let's get into Libras' tendency to flirt with everything with a pulse. It's just this sign's nature. Per Refinery29, this sign's charm is an innate talent for conversation and wrapping people up in their "spell." Libras are playful and love to have fun in social settings, sometimes turning on the charm just a tad too much. But this sign thinks nothing of it and will rarely get jealous of a partner innocently flirting, either. In fact, according to Allure, "relationships are paramount for Libras, who find balance in companionship." While this sign does like to flirt, they're comforted by "harmonious partnerships," and their true attention is on their partner.

What about Libras' superficial streak? That's just their obsession with beauty in all forms. Allure explains that Libras strive "to create equilibrium" and are devoted to balance. Since this sign is ruled by Venus, symbolizing love and beauty, Libras feel the need to create aesthetic harmony in spaces, objects, and people. This is why this sign makes for such great designers, stylists, and artists — it's their constant impulse to beautify their surroundings. Plus, Libras "govern the skin," so they are "highly motivated by physical appearance," giving celestial significance to all those selfies.

Libras have a penchant for drama

Although this sign isn't known for conflict, they do have a penchant for drama. But it's not for the reasons you think. Libras' fear of conflict and their inability to take a side can actually intensify arguments instead of squashing them (via Refinery29). How about all those expectations and their high-maintenance side? While earthier signs like Tauruses might be more prepared to hear the truth, Libras are "too romantic, too optimistic, for the harsh realities of this world." Similar to Virgos in this regard, Libras actually have a moral high ground that sets them up for constant disappointment. It's not you. It's their constant striving for perfection and their version of justice.

Although Libras love a great outfit or face mask, they're most interested in an intellectual conversation. They make for true friends who love you for you — although they will definitely hit you up for relationship advice on a regular basis.