Everything To Know Before Getting An Eyebrow Transplant

We all dream with getting the perfect eyebrows and might go long ways to get them. From growth serums to microblading, there are an infinite number of products and procedures out there to get the brows of your dreams. Yet, one that does not get much attention is eyebrow transplants. We know what you might be thinking: Do they take someone else's eyebrow and put on my face? The answer is no. It's actually much easier than that. 

According to Healthline, for this procedure, the plastic surgeon will take hair follicles from your head and place them in your eyebrow area. The surgery lasts around two to three hours and the recovery period will likely take less than a month, but it varies between patients. "Here's the thing, though: The hair's in there, and you're like, Oh my god, I have my eyebrow hair, but it's scabby and gross. Then, they fall out. You're left with nothing again," wrote makeup artist Erin Parsons about her eyebrow transplant experience for Allure. But don't worry, the hair fallout is a normal part of the procedure. This is because the implanted hairs fall naturally, but the follicles will produce new hairs in approximately three months. Here's what else you need to know before committing to the procedure.

Eyebrow transplant results might not be what you expected

Once the new eyebrow follicles sprout, you will start seeing your new eyebrows coming to life pretty quickly. However, there is a risk that the follicles will not produce any hairs and you might have to go through the procedure again to get better results, per Healthline. Another aspect that you must keep in mind is that your new transplant eyebrows can grow as long as your normal hair does. This is because your eyebrow hair follicles are different from your head hair follicles (via Infobloom). 

Natural eyebrow hair can reach a maximum length of 0.5 inches, but your head hair can grow indefinitely. This means that your new eyebrow transplant hairs could grow just as much as your head hair, so you must trim them constantly to maintain your desired length. "I have really bouncy curls, which means every few weeks I have to trim (my eyebrows) with nail scissors to keep the hair looking like eyebrows," eyebrow transplant patient Rachel Nussbaum wrote for Glamour. "I'll still use pencil or pomade ... but when you pay close to $6,000 for your eyebrows, you don't just stroll into a threader and let them have at it." Sounds like good advice to us!