The Perfumes Maddie Ziegler Can't Live Without

Maddie Ziegler has grown up since her first appearance in "Dance Moms" at the age of 8 years old back in 2011 (via IMDb). Her career took off after that, and she was able to turn her "Dance Moms" fame into a burgeoning acting career that has earned plenty of admirers — not least through her frequent collaborations with Australian singer Sia (via Cheat Sheet).

Ziegler hasn't limited herself to dancing and acting, either. The star has been doing plenty of modeling and similar commercial work too, and in 2020 she became the face of Kate Spade New York, one of the fashion house's fragrances (via Byrdie). But what perfumes does the star wear herself? It turns out that Ziegler is quite the fragrance connoisseur.

From the various scents her mom wore to her favorite perfumes for when she's at home and out on the stage, here are the fragrances that Maddie Ziegler just can't live without.

She grew up with her mom's Kate Spade fragrances

As Ziegler told Byrdie, she wears perfume every day. When on-stage, she describes the Kate Spade New York fragrance as being a favorite, as she likes something that stands out and has a floral, fruity scent. Indeed, the New York perfume has notes of rose essence, bergamot, freesia, and wild strawberry.

"I filmed the campaign last year so I've been using [Kate Spade New York] for a minute," she explained to the outlet in 2020. "Other than me liking it, I get so many compliments from my friends and family when I wear it. If I'm getting complimented on this, I'm sticking to it!"

She also talks about the fragrances that she remembers her mom wearing when she was growing up. She was a Kate Spade fan, too — Ziegler describes her campaign with the brand as her coming "full circle." Other scents from her childhood include Marc Jacobs Daisy and some of the Victoria's Secret fragrances too. "I used to run into her closet, me and my friends would put them on and then go to dance and we'd feel so mature and cool," said Ziegler.