These Are The Most Popular Royal Statues In London

Prince Harry and Prince William have unveiled a statue in honor of their late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, on what would have been her 60th birthday. According to the BBC, the statue was first commissioned by William and Harry back in 2017 and is situated on the grounds of Kensington Palace. Commenting on the meaning behind the statue, the dukes previously explained that they hope it will inspire future visitors of the palace to reflect on Princess Diana's "life and her legacy." 

However, this particular monument is far from the first royal statue to be erected in the city of London, and the British capital is bursting full of historic royal monuments.

According to Montcalm, one of London's most popular royal statues is that of the Queen Victoria memorial, which can be found right outside of the queen's primary residence, Buckingham Palace. Often referred to as "the wedding cake" due to its shape, the statue displays the former monarch perched on her throne. It was crafted from 2,300 tons of white marble and stands 25 meters (82 feet) high. 

Queen Elizabeth's parents each have royal statues in London

Just around the corner in Trafalgar Square is the breathtaking King Charles I monument. At 400 years old, the statue is the oldest to be situated in the famous London square and was created way back in 1638 by Hubert Le Sueur, per Montcalm

Elsewhere, on the northwest side of The Mall in central London is the statue of King George VI. Designed by William McMillan, the bronze monument displays the king dressed in his naval uniform. The statue was unveiled by the queen back in 1955, and in 2009, a statue of his wife, Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was erected close by. 

Another impressive memorial to be found in Trafalgar Square is that of King George IV. The statue is situated on one of the square's four plinths and displays King George IV riding bareback on a horse. The monument was originally intended to be placed outside of Buckingham Palace. However, following his death, it was temporarily erected in Trafalgar Square — where it remains to this day.

London is full of iconic statues

According to Royal Parks, sitting atop the Duke of York Steps in London is the famous Duke of York (AKA Prince Frederick) statue. The bronze monument was designed by Sir Richard Westmacott back in 1834 and is placed on top of an impressive 124-ft column that was designed separately by Benjamin Wyatt. The statue sits in an open space and is an "excellent example of 19th-century classical architecture," per Britain Express. The column itself is hollow, with 168 steps inside it that lead to a viewing platform. However, the platform isn't sturdy or big enough to accommodate the many visitors, so it's now closed to the public.

Per Evan Evans, there are plenty of other iconic monuments located throughout London, such as Nelson's Column, the Battle of Britain monument, and the Oliver Cromwell statue. Placing a statue of the late Princess Diana in this historic city will be a memorable addition.