Body Language Expert Shares New Insight Into William And Harry's Reunion - Exclusive

Princes William and Harry have had their differences if rumors are to be believed. But on Thursday, the brothers were back together again — they currently live on different continents — to attend the unveiling of a statue of their mother, Princess Diana (via The Washington Post). As royal watchers know, today would have been her 60th birthday, and the lifesize monument that features "the people's princess," depicts her helping children, one of her passions in life.

Taking in the statue of Diana with the world watching could not have been easy for William and Harry, especially with the tension between them, and body language expert Lauren Cohen, an executive and career coach, was watching closely for signs about how the princes may feel about one another.

Cohen first noted the elder prince's body cues, telling The List exclusively, "Prince William demonstrated commanding language and was poised. He stood straight, moved deliberately and with intent, and was controlled in all of his moves." She added, "Prince William held a gaze when admiring the statue which shows care and respect."

Prince Harry was not as confident as his big brother

Meanwhile, the younger prince showed different body language, with Cohen observing, "Prince Harry's facial expressions are non-threatening and he was looking to please. He wanted to fit in and gain favor from Prince William."

Unlike William, according to Cohen, Harry didn't seem as self-assured during the statue's unveiling. "Prince Harry was uncomfortable and his body language showed this," she told The List. "He touched his chin quite often throughout and moved his arms around in a way to try to make whatever points he was sharing when speaking." She notes we could not hear what Harry was saying.

Meanwhile, Cohen stressed again that, "Prince William's body language shows he comes from a place of confidence and leadership. When he points, looks at someone, the way he carries himself, walks."

As far as how the men were interacting with each other, Cohen said the moment the statue was unveiled revealed a lot.

Prince Harry may have been trying to win his brother's approval

"Prince William faced the statue and then stepped back to admire and show respect. He faced the statue front and center," Cohen told The List. "Prince Harry faced the statue then stepped back and turned toward Prince William. He spoke to him, touched his chin, moved his arms about, and clearly was trying to engage with his brother. William did not turn to him."

So what does this mean? "It was a dynamic of a little brother trying to please and get the attention of his older brother and getting brushed off," Cohen said.

She felt, "Everything about Prince William was composed and controlled. Harry seemed lost and more out of place." Case in point, she notes, "Prince Harry's arms were waving about when he spoke at different points — he looked like he didn't know what to do with himself and just uncomfortable in his own skin."  And it seems others mirrored that feeling back to him, with Cohen telling The List, "Prince Harry approached different people to comment and connect but no one actually approached him."

Ultimately, Cohen observed about the brothers, "Harry and William seem at odds with each other and I did not see any type of shake, embrace, or warm connection between them."