Wedding Proposals Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Love is in the air and while we tend to roll our eyes when we see our distant friends and extended family members gushing about their significant others all over Facebook, there are several instances when we don't mind so much. Seeing a couple engaged in some over-the-top mushy way is definitely one of those times! Lucky for us, the current trend of going big and keeping it unique encourages many couples to capture their special moment on camera. So grab your tissues and a glass of wine because your tear ducts don't stand a fighting chance against these heart-wrenching proposal videos. 

The Christmas photo

We all tend to perk up around the holidays, as it's the only time of the year it's acceptable to throw our diets out the window by eating a dozen cookies and drinking too much wine with the family. Before that fateful day of Christmas, however, we must all put in the grunt work that makes this day so merry. We decorate the tree, spend too much money on gifts, and of course, take the dreaded family photo we hope doesn't turn out so ridiculous that it goes viral for the wrong reasons.

When one lucky lady was posing for her family Christmas photo, a proposal was likely the last thing on her mind. All dressed in T-shirts spelling out "Merry Xmas," it only took a few rearranged letters and some carefully hidden props for the shirts to morph into something slightly different. It then just takes an uncertain photographer to ask the bride-to-be to check out the photo according to ABC7, ensuring she sees her special message. I won't spoil the end, but I'd bet that second photo is hanging up somewhere in the couple's house!

Woman finally lands her Peter Pan

Throughout childhood, most kids find a Disney movie or two to obsess over. For me, it was Cinderella, an obsession that has long since faded. For Moriah, however, it was Peter Pan and her feelings toward her favorite character didn't change with age. It should come as no surprise that she ended up meeting and falling in love with Chris, an actor who regularly played Peter Pan on stage. Since Chris already knew the part and obviously played it well, he took on the role once more for his elaborately staged proposal.

Wearing the whole green getup, Chris rented a pirate ship and packed it with Moriah's friends and family. He even had a friend dress up as Captain Hook and present his soon-to-be fiance with a nightgown similar to Wendy's to throw on over her dress. Moriah could hardly stand up as Chris gets down on one knee, making it nearly impossible to get through this one with dry eyes.

Not only Disney inspires love

When Eric decided to pop the question, he drew inspiration from him and his now-fiance's favorite Pixar movie, Up. You have to assume Eric and his family were all about these two tying the knot when the video shows them starting to prep for the proposal just a little after 3 a.m., a time that most of the world is still curled up in bed. Since both Eric and Katherine are nurses, it's safe to assume they don't have the luxury of working normal hours, and the big event was held after they both finished the night shift at their local hospital. A proposal just after sunrise sounds romantic, but would certainly be too much for me to handle so early in the morning. Luckily, Katherine felt otherwise.

Eric and his family set up a ton of colorful balloons and made a replica of the "My Adventure Book" from the film. He really went over the top, presenting her with both a photo collection of their memories together as well as a compilation video before getting down on one knee. To solidify their engagement the couple paid homage to the movie once more, but you'll have to watch the video to find out how!

Just a casual flash mob

Nico's proposal to his boyfriend-turned-fiance Mike will not only have you in tears, but it will also have you wondering where this seemingly magical gym is where all of these hot buff men go to workout. (It's in Sydney, Australia by the way.) The gym was special to the couple because it's where they met exactly one year earlier.

The whole gym seems to come to a halt and whip out their phones as a dance flash mob breaks out, dancing along to Beyonce's "Love on Top." Mike seems to be clueless, having no idea that this is all for him until "End of Time" starts playing, at which time Nico jumps in and starts bustin' a move with the rest of the dance mob. If that doesn't get you choked up, then Nico's shaky voice and adorable accent while he's down on one knee will certainly send you over the top and get those tears rolling.

A Pictionary proposal

Not all proposals require champagne and a bed of roses to bring us to tears. Sometimes all it takes is pajamas on game night and a boyfriend who can't draw well enough for you to figure out that he's popping the question. Pamela and Matt spent most weekends playing board games and spending time with Pamela's two kids from a previous marriage, so it should come as no surprise that he proposed in a way that relates to how the two spend their time together.

Their friends watched laughing during a game of Pictionary as Matt drew a church and some people in attempt to propose but only managed to confuse his bride to be. The timer ran out and Pamela was still clueless. At least she was until her boyfriend literally spelled it out for her writing, "Will you marry me?" on a pad of paper. You'll just have to see for yourself how long it took her to realize that his question wasn't just part of the game!

An artful event

Faking an art gallery showing might sound simple enough, but when it has to be borderline believable so your girlfriend doesn't get suspicious and you have no artistic talent, it can get pretty tough. This is what Sean attempted for his girlfriend of four years Daniela. While the artwork that took up the gallery walls was questionable at best, when the video mentions that each piece of art is somehow related to their relationship it will kind of melt your heart. Even the stick figure drawings seem adorable when you learn that they're about how he views her and vice versa. Another homage to Up, apparently every couple's favorite movie, an entire wall was covered in 43 balloons to depict how many months the two had been together.

Daniela doesn't flinch at any of the artwork or even seem suspicious that something's a little off. In fact, it isn't until the couple is shown a digital installation by the artist that it all comes together and she nearly faints when Sean gets down on two knees, not one. After she says yes there's another surprise in store for her upstairs, and you'll see in the video why she nearly faints again!

Lakeside proposal

I know what you're thinking and yes, this proposal turned out to be just as beautiful as it sounds. When Mauren went away for the weekend with her boyfriend Mel and a group of their friends, she had no idea that they weren't actually celebrating an achievement made by Mel's sister like she was told. In fact, she almost didn't go. And when she had to drag a heavy kayak hundreds of yards across the beach only for it to tip over the moment she got in, she began to wish she hadn't. Soaked and freezing, Mauren put up a good front for the cameras as they took the kayaks across the lake to watch the sunset.

As they're rowing along, floating in the river was a bottle containing the first haiku Mel had ever written his future wife, cluing her in that something big is about to happen. According to Mauren this haiku it was one of many that she'd received throughout their courtship, but she'd prefer if the one he gave her that day would be the last. When they got to the beach it was beautifully decorated with enlarged photos of the couple, paper lanterns, and dozens of their friends and family who welcomed them with sparklers and musical instruments. Surrounded by lilies, the proposal actually goes down in the water, and despite her wet dress, Mauren happily accepts!

A pink skirt proposal

As women we tend to fantasize about the big romantic gestures, and one of my favorites to think about is coming home to a fancy dress with a note attached telling me when to be ready. For Claudette, the fancy dress was a puffy pink skirt that she'd pointed out to her boyfriend Jonathan in a boutique she worked in. Little did she know, he was taking mental notes for their big day. Sometime down the line, Claudette was blindsided at work with a note, the pink skirt, and a bag stuffed with the necessities from her house. (Smart thinking Jonathan!) Her special day had finally arrived!

The rest, as they say, is history as Claudette finds her future husband in what can only be described as a photo from a fairy tale. They're joined by their dachshund for an adorable photoshoot, where Claudette couldn't look more stunning in her pink tulle skirt. When the sun sets behind them, you just might have to reach for a second box of tissues.

A charming proposal

Prince Charming and Cinderella aren't the only two getting their happy endings, which college sweethearts Courtney and Chris made sure of. After meeting at a halloween party on campus, the two decided to take a trip to Disneyland to celebrate their fourth anniversary, and who better to dress up as on Halloween in Disneyland than Cinderella and her handsome prince? Chris played it smooth, having her think he was going big just for their anniversary, even having his brother present Courtney with her very own glass slipper. Little did she know, there were more surprises in store for her.

Along with the slipper, Chris' brother also carried with him a small box and to Courtney's surprise, it held a diamond only fit for a princess. Her parents watched from afar, taking a video of the whole thing before surprising her with their presence. What makes the proposal such a tear-jerker, for me at least, is the gorgeous castle behind them setting the ideal backdrop for each photo and video shot.

At the airport

Why are airports so romantic? Most people end up saying hello or goodbye to those we love in a car strategically parked by the airport curb, ignoring the honks of the impatient cars behind us and the shouts of the poor person stuck with the job of moving things along. Perhaps Dania knows something I don't because she somehow managed to get both her and her girlfriend Morgan's family into an airport without leaving someone outside circling the gates. Anyway, the results were magical, and even though the two missed their original flight home, their family stuck it out and still pulled off the perfect proposal six hours later than what was intended.

On their way home from an anniversary trip to Colorado, Dania and Morgan along with Morgan's mom were walking through the airport with Morgan likely thinking they were heading toward an exit. Little did she know that her mother was just a distraction so that the couple's families could come out of hiding and hold up a sign while Morgan's back was turned. The song "Everything" by Michael Buble played by her friends gets Morgan's attention, and you'll just love what she sees when she turns around!

A mannequin proposal

As long as you haven't been living under a rock, then you've not only heard of the Mannequin Challenge but you've indulged in a few videos as well. For those who avoid social media and have no idea what I'm talking about, the Mannequin Challenge is just as it sounds, a group of people on video being as still as possible. No blinking, breathing, and definitely no giggling! While no one seems to know exactly why this popular video trend was started, CBS News tracked down the first video coming from a group of students at Jacksonville High School. Since then dozens of celebrities and hundreds of us regular folk have created our own versions of the challenge, each being more creative and entertaining than the last.

One man took this trending hashtag to a whole new level, using the Mannequin Challenge to propose to his girlfriend. According to ABC 7 Sue Merino had no idea what her now fiance Jamie Ferrini had in store for her when their families got together for Thanksgiving. They knew they'd make an attempt at the challenge, and Ferrini gives credit to his sister for the idea behind the proposal. Bonus, using the challenge guarantees the proposal will all be caught on video. Merino looks adorably confused as she tries to stay as still as possible with a glass of wine to her lips, unaware that Ferrini had gotten down on one knee behind her saying, "I thought 'why is everyone talking? This is the mannequin challenge!'" The Texas couple's video has been viewed by millions, contributing to the trend of unique and heartwarming proposals.

At the ballgame

Cameron Hill and Melissa Dohme don't have a typical love story. Love born from tragedy, the two met under the worst circumstances. In 2012, Dohme was in a relationship with another man who according to WFLA stabbed her 32 times in the face, necks, and upper body. Most people wouldn't survive such serious injuries, but Dohme stuck it out. Even after losing almost all of her blood, she was able to pull through. You might be wondering where Hill comes into play. As a paramedic and firefighter in Clearwater, Florida, Hill was one of the first to respond to the scene and help keep Dohme stable until she reached the hospital. Little did either one know that they'd just met the love of their lives.

The two reconnected several months after the incident, fell madly in love, and Hill ended up popping the question at a Rays game. Dohme was chosen to throw out the first pitch of the season, and assumed they picked her because of her inspirational story. Little did she know that Hill had other plans. Rather than sit in the stands to watch his girlfriend on the pitching mound, he ended up bringing the ball out to her, after writing her a little message on it first. Their story is not only a tear-jerker, but also shows just how crazy life can be.

A year-long proposal

Probably one of the most romantic proposals of all time, when Dean Smith decided to propose to his girlfriend Jennifer he but some serious time and effort into it. Dubbed the 365 day proposal, Smith took a few minutes out of each day for a year to propose to Jennifer, only she had no idea. According to People, he used a small whiteboard to pop the question while simultaneously videoing himself doing everyday mundane activities such as brushing his teeth or getting ready for work.

A year after the project began, the couple headed to Aruba along with their families, all who were in on the surprise proposal. Jennifer was led on a bit of a scavenger hunt toward the beach, where she was seated with her back to her ocean as she watched a video of a year's worth of proposals with tears in her eyes. The video ends asking her to turn around, and you'll never guess who's behind her on one knee! While some have tried to copy this proposal idea since it first made waves on the internet, none have been able to capture the same amount of sincerity and love as the now Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The YouTube stars

Michael and Jess are all about vlogging, or video blogging for those who aren't hip to the lingo. While in London, Michael was able to convince his girlfriend that they should do a Q&A video together for her beauty blog to follow up a video they had previously done together called Boyfriend Tag. The first video allowed viewers to submit their questions, which quizzed Michael on his knowledge of Jess' likes and dislikes, but it seems that it also inspired some of her viewers to ask a few questions about their relationship as well. Perhaps this inspired Michael to pop the question in one of the most unconventional yet romantic ways we've seen here on our list.

The video starts out with "questions" from viewers, however Jess admits that some of them came from Michael himself. This doesn't seem to tip her off however, and the two walk down memory lane a bit and talk about all the fun mushy stuff they like about each other. It's not until Michael asks Jess what she gets asked all the time by friends and family that she starts to get suspicious, but she plays dumb and pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about. Michael calls her out on it though, and she admits that people are always asking when they're going to get married. I won't ruin the rest, but grab the tissues before you watch this proposal because you'll definitely need them!