Don't Forget To Clean These Areas Of Your Home This Summer

While spring cleaning may get the most press, summer cleaning is also incredibly important to the health of your home. Between the blasting air conditioning and humidity, there are a few spaces that can get grimy — fast. Your main concern should be mold, and certain areas should be on your cleaning checklist all season long.

Of course, your shower can become a breeding ground for bacteria if you aren't careful. Between the heat and the water, mold can grow pretty easily in this area. Mindbodygreen suggests opting for a simple white vinegar spray to prevent the spread of these organisms throughout the summer months and beyond. Indeed, bleach doesn't fully remove the mold; rather, white vinegar gets to the heart of the matter after you let it sit on the affected area for at least an hour. The outlet suggests using baking soda and water to help remove any stuck-on stains. When the mold starts to take up a large space, however, it's time to call a professional cleaner. 

Grime can also take hold on your outdoors spaces as well. Taste of Home suggests doing a deep clean of your patio spaces, wiping down any furniture or surfaces and pressure washing any concrete areas to reveal a sparkly clean. If using a pressure washer isn't your think, a simple solution of a gallon of water and a half a cup of baking soda can make for an excellent, natural cleaner for your patio surface.

Air filters need extra attention in the summer

With more particles and germs flying around during the warmer months, your air filters play an important role in keeping your air quality up to par. Since moisture helps bacteria grow and odors linger, using baking soda around your home can help things smell much better. Mindbodygreen suggests opening a box of baking soda wherever you notice any stagnant smells. Adding an essential oil can make the odor-and moisture-absorbing qualities all the more pleasant. To keep it fresh, simply shake the box or bowl once a week or so.

In addition to absorbing excess moisture, your air filters obviously impact the quality of your breathing space. Make sure to clean or change your filters a few times each year to avoid bacterial growth that can spread around your home. In addition to limiting potential toxins, this also optimizes the functioning of your air conditioning unit, the outlet explains. 

Smaller spaces need your attention during the warmer months as well. Take your garbage bin into the front yard for a garden-hose dousing, Taste of Home recommends. A few drops of dish soap and a thorough rinse will mitigate smells and limit germs as the weather heats up. Furthermore, a wipe down of your closets may be in order. In between switching your clothes out for warmer temperatures, dust and disinfect this area to limit the spread of germs.

Even though the list of places to clean may be longer, your updated routine will be worth the extra effort.