Here's The Huge Sin You Are Committing When Making Guacamole

There is no better surprise than walking into a gathering and finding a bowl of fresh guacamole next to the chips and salsa. Guac is always a crowd pleaser. And as a host, it's a sign you made the extra effort by finding multiple avocados that were perfectly ripe (no easy task) and dabbed away the sweat on your forehead as you mashed them into a delectable dip for your guests. Yes, guacamole is a tasty addition to any table, but all of the joy built up around this green side dish could quickly evaporate if you discover the guacamole's creator has made an unforgivable mistake.

As with any dip, errors in the assembly process can happen and guacamole is no different. You could have made it too chunky or too smooth for someone's personal preference. Or perhaps you added some extras like diced tomato, cilantro, or lime juice, all common ingredients to add to guacamole (via HuffPost) — though many find cilantro to be a love it or despise herb, making it a 50/50 chance your guac will be inedible for the cilantro haters.

These additions and consistency preferences are forgivable, and only minor sins. But the next time you're in charge of making the guac for a gathering, please oh please avoid this huge mistake.

The biggest mistake you can make can happen at the grocery store

Now, we respect anyone who likes to use up fruits and vegetables right up to the hour before they are officially moldy. No need to waste! That being said, if there is even a question the avocados you are using have gone bad, then you might want to stick with just serving chips and salsa (via Southern Living). No amount of lime, salt, or any of the other additions you planned on using will mask the taste of extremely mature avocados.

Other sins that might make your guac the talk of the party (in the worst way) is by getting too creative with the additions. Keep the blue cheese, yogurt, and mayo out of your thoughts when whipping up a tasty bowl of guacamole. They have no business being added to the classic dip (via HuffPost).

We highly encourage lovers and makers of guacamole to keep it simple and stick to the traditional recipes. Though, no matter which combination or consistency you like best, always use perfectly ripe avocados as your base.