Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Veronica Mars?

"Veronica Mars" is a show that fans refuse to quit. Despite being canceled in 2006 after just three seasons, the cult series has had more resurrections than an episode of "The Walking Dead." With a nearly $6 million crowd-funded movie version release in 2014 and a 2019 reboot on Hulu 15 years after the show first aired, die-hard fans got to grow up with the once high school-aged characters. "This show has much more adult characters, in a much more adult world," star Kristen Bell told OprahMag.com of the 2019 reboot, "which I think is great, because Veronica's audience has grown up."

Like eager Marshmallows everywhere, the cast keeps coming back for more, which isn't much of a surprise. The nuanced characters, tangled mysteries, and witty one-liners are what make the show just work. "It will be on my tombstone as one of the best parts of my life that I get to play this character that I personally love so much," Bell shared in 2019 (via GMA).

But going back to Neptune every few years isn't all the cast of "Veronica Mars" has going on, as they've enjoyed blockbuster film franchises, hit television series, and love from the Academy. Find out what the gang has been up to all these years.

Kristen Bell is a queen of TV

Fans don't have to do much detective work to find Kristen Bell, who's had a stunning transformation over the years. In fact, it's more a question of what hasn't she done. Since stepping away from her role as teen gumshoe Veronica, Bell has continued to work in television, starring in hit series like "Heroes," "House of Lies," and "The Good Place" and voicing the unseen Gossip Girl (she'll be in the 2021 reboot). Her film credits include blockbusters like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and the "Frozen" and "Bad Moms" franchises. "I feel so grateful for the place I am now. I have bigger opportunities that I never thought I'd have in my life," she told Self of her acting career. Along with projects on the big and small screens and her new podcast, Bell cofounded two companies, HelloBello and This Saves Lives.

She married actor Dax Shephard in 2013, and they have two children, who you won't see all over social media. They began taking a stand against paparazzi photographing kids in 2014, and Bell, who is charmingly candid about her own life online, has explained that she doesn't post her children's faces because they're too young to consent to such exposure. "I really don't have the right to choose for them," she explained to Romper

More "incredibly rad mom" than "bad mom," she even brought back her role of Veronica with them in mind, telling Access, "I want my girls to have this character in their life."

Amanda Seyfried is getting nominated for Oscars

When Amanda Seyfried took on the role of Lilly Kane, she was just 19 and not well known in Hollywood (her first blockbuster, "Mean Girls" hit theaters in 2004, the same year "Veronica Mars" premiered). Her career has only skyrocketed since. Seyfried went on to star in the film adaptation of "Mamma Mia!" in 2008 and its 2018 sequel alongside heavy hitters Meryl Streep and Collin Firth. She also nabbed a leading role in the 2012 adaptation of "Les Misérables," though regretted her "weak" singing at the time. On the small screen, Seyfried starred in "Big Love" as well as the "Twin Peaks" reboot.

Her portrayal of Marion Davies, a role she completely sank into, in David Fincher's 2020 film "Mank" earned her a supporting actress Oscar nod. "Marion was a really talented actor, she had incredible range, she was really funny, and she was able to lighten any scene that she was in," Seyfried told NPR. "She was very unfiltered like I am, and she was very allergic to being dishonest, which I am absolutely."

When she's not gracing the red carpet, Seyfried lives on a New York farm with husband Thomas Sadoski, their two children, and a donkey named Gus (not to mention a whole host of horses, goats, and chickens). The farm is a sanctuary to the family and where Seyfried goes to refresh. "Everybody needs a center of gravity," she told The New York Times. "Somewhere to feel safe."

Percy Daggs III is living that dad life

Percy Daggs III played Veronica's best bud Wallace Fennel. We saw him return in the 2014 movie and the 2019 Hulu series, but what's he been up to in between? Percy Daggs III continued to act after "Veronica Mars," mostly appearing in guest spots on television shows like "Southland," "iZombie," and "Undone." In 2015, he had a recurring role as Jas Hook on "The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy." Percy also appeared in TV movies like "Casa Vita" and "Christmas in Louisiana." He's set to appear in "Delicate State" in 2021.

In 2015, he married actress Jontille Gerard, and according to his Instagram page, Daggs now loves living that dad life. Per Talk Nerdy With Us, Percy is excited to see Wallace in the same place: "Being a father and being a husband are the most important things in my life and being able to play that with Wallace now, it's my comfort zone; it's what I know." Daggs is also an advocate for Alzheimer's in honor of his grandmother, who died in 2013.

Jason Dohring continues to act

Jason Dohring played the charismatic but troubled Logan Echolls, who was Veronica's sometimes boyfriend and regular headache. Along with reprising his role as Logan in the 2014 "Veronica Mars" movie and 2019 Hulu reboot, he's found success on television. He guest starred on hit shows like "CSI" and "Supernatural" and was a regular or recurring character on "Moonlight," "Ringer," "The Originals," and "iZombie" to name a few. In 2021, he landed a role on "SEAL Team."

Dohring is also the father of four children with his wife, Lauren Kutner (via Refinery29). He is an active member of the Church of Scientology, which he has credited for his flourishing career. "It saved my acting career. I became a professional through Scientology," he told Portrait magazine in 2008 (via BuddyTV). "I understand acting better because Scientology is the study of life."

With over 25 years in the game, Dohring's studying life through his roles as well. When putting back on his signature Logan smirk in the 2019 "Veronica Mars" reboot, Dohring reflected on the progression of his character. "It started out as this a**hole or antagonistic character, which was a blast to play," he told IndieWire. "Then you saw other aspects of his life with his broken family. And then that was also shared with Veronica, this kind of romance that started out of protection or care and became love." He noted that playing Logan was like playing "five characters rolled up in one."

Tessa Thompson has gone blockbuster

Tessa Thompson portrayed Jackie Cook, Wallace's crush whose carefree, rich girl life was more complicated than it seemed. After "Veronica Mars," she went on to star in a range of roles, including major sci-fi productions "Westworld" and "Annihilation." She later joined the MCU as warrior Valkyrie in the "Thor" films. But Thompson isn't content to only stay in front of the camera. She started her own production company, Viva Maude. "That's my favorite thing to think about, particularly in building this company," she told Roxane Gay in Town & Country. "Thinking around the voices I invite into it, how I allow them to retain as much ownership over their work and their ideas as possible."

Tessa has appeared in music videos, including Jay-Z's "Moonlight" and Janelle Monáe's "Pynk" and "Make Me Feel." In her personal life, Thompson has said she is attracted to both men and women. "We love each other deeply," she told Net-A-Porter's Porter magazine of her relationship with Monáe in 2018. "We're so close, we vibrate on the same frequency. If people want to speculate about what we are, that's okay. It doesn't bother me."

Thompson is set to star in "Creed III" and "Thor: Love and Thunder" in 2022, marking yet another blockbuster year for the talented actress.

Krysten Ritter became a comic book superhero

Krysten Ritter appeared on "Veronica Mars" as Gia Goodman, the bubbly new girl at school who became involved in a web of mysteries during Season 2. She went on to star in movies like "27 Dresses," "What Happens in Vegas," and "Confessions of a Shopaholic." On the small screen, Ritter guest starred on megahits "Gilmore Girls" and "Breaking Bad," and she was the lead in the 2012 sitcom "Don't Trust the B— in Apartment 23."

In 2015, she took on a grittier role as Marvel superhero Jessica Jones for three seasons on Netflix (and also appeared as Jessica in "The Defenders"). In 2019, she shared that she was ready to say goodbye to her role as Jones. "I feel like I've played her, you know?" she told TVLine in 2019. "I feel really good about it. I feel good about closing the door."

An avid knitter, Ritter has a line of knitting kits, knitted an adorably goofy hat that she gifted Conan O'Brien, and even appeared on the cover of Vogue Knitting in 2018. Ritter had her first child with partner Adam Granduciel in 2019, so today she might be busy knitting baby blankets on set between scenes. Next up she'll be playing a witch in 2021's "Nightbooks," as noted by Deadline.

Francis Capra can be seen on TV

Francis Capra played biker-thug-with-a-heart-of-gold Weevil, who was sometimes at odds with Veronica but was ultimately her friend. Having had acting experience as a child movie star (he starred in "A Bronx Tale" and "Kazaam"), Capra created a rich character that appeared in the 2014 film and the 2019 Hulu revival, which he hopes won't be the last of the show. Speaking on the enduring appeal of the series with Trainwreck'd Society, he said, "Sometimes it seems like if we never really stopped making 'Veronica Mars'! I don't think we ever will! It lives on in the hearts and minds of the fans, no matter what form it takes."

When he's not donning a leather jacket as Weevil, Capra can be found all over the small screen. He's had diverse roles in series like "Friday Night Lights," "Heroes," "Sons of Anarchy," "Castle," and "Bones." In his role in "iZombie," Capra tried to strike a balance with the political nature of the show to keep his fans (and his mom) happy. "My family has very diverse political beliefs. So I'm very, very hesitant to get into any of ... that," he told Starry Mag. "But I think our show is very, very outgoing and vocal about what they believe is right. I hate to say it, but I agree with 99.9% of what is said and I'm just glad that they have the courage to go out there and do it."

Charisma Carpenter is speaking her truth

Charisma Carpenter appeared in Seasons 2 and 3 of "Veronica Mars" as the sharp-tongued, gold-digging Kendall Casablancas. Since strutting the mansions of Neptune, she's continued to work in Hollywood. Carpenter scored guest spots on television shows like "Greek," "Supernatural," and "Blue Bloods," starred in "The Lying Game," and appeared in both of the "Expendables" films in 2010 and 2012.

In February 2021, Carpenter returned to the spotlight in an unexpected way when she spoke out about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon, claiming he created "hostile and toxic work environments." Charisma worked with Whedon for eight years on the series and its spinoff "Angel," where she took on a leading role. In support of actor Ray Fisher, who reported issues with Whedon on the set of "Justice League," Carpenter issued a statement via Twitter claiming Whedon mistreated her after she became pregnant. "He proceeded to attack my character, mock my religious beliefs, accuse me of sabotaging the show, and then unceremoniously fired me the following season once I gave birth," she said.

Having starred on many cult shows, Carpenter created a virtual conference experience after giant fan events like ComicCon could not operate due to the pandemic. "My hope is to take what I've learned from the myriad of Cons I've attended over the years and create a virtual experience on my own without a big company behind me," her website noted. "This is just you and me."

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna are approaching their silver anniversary

If Logan's parents, Lynn and Aaron Echolls, had a certain chemistry in the series, it's because they didn't have to fake it. Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna are married IRL and are still going strong. As for their careers, there's been no shortage of work since the duo made waves in Neptune. Rinna has revisited her role as Billie Reed on "Days of Our Lives" a few times over the years (in total, she's appeared in over 700 episodes, ending her run in 2018). Along with various guest television roles, she's served as a host for a few projects, competed on "The Apprentice" and "Dancing With the Stars," and starred in the "Real Housewives" franchise. And though Hamlin rarely appears on "Housewives" with Lisa, he's had plenty to keep him busy, including roles in "Shameless," "Mad Men," and "Glee." Notably, the couple had a short-lived reality show, "Harry Loves Lisa," in 2010. 

Rinna and Hamlin married in 1997 and have two kids together and one from a previous relationship of Hamlin's. They celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary in 2021, with their silver 25 just in sight. So what's the key to their long-lasting relationship? "We listen to each other. Really listen to each other," Hamlin told The Daily Beast.

Teddy Dunn left acting for a law career

Teddy Dunn played Duncan Kane, Veronica Mars' first love and brother of her best friend Lilly. Dunn appeared in a few shows after his stint on "Veronica Mars" ended. In 2006, he was on an episode of "Grey's Anatomy," and two years later, he appeared on an episode of "CSI: NY." He also made appearances on the big screen in "Jumper" in 2008 and "Kill Theory" in 2009. His last film credit was in 2009 for the movie "A Good Funeral," three years after "Veronica Mars" was canceled.

So what's Teddy, who now goes by Edward, been up to since he left acting? According to Dunn's LinkedIn profile, he went back to school in 2010, achieving a J.D. from Boston College Law School in 2013. In January 2020, Dunn became an assistant attorney at the United States' Attorney's Office in D.C. 

Dunn didn't appear in the "Veronica Mars" movie or Season 4 revival, but he hasn't written off returning. "I really like Rob and Kristen and everybody who I worked with on the show so I'm not going to say no, I'm not open to it," Dunn told TV Guide in 2014. "But also, I'm a lawyer now. I'm not an actor anymore. It's not to say I never want to act again. I do. I'm just not sure I want to revisit that character, to be honest with you."

Tina Majorino has continued to land great roles

Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie was Veronica's hacker friend who knew her way around, well, Macs. Her roles in "Veronica Mars" and the 2004 indie classic "Napoleon Dynamite" were a return to acting for the former child star, who had previously appeared in major films like 1994's "Corinna, Corinna" and "When a Man Loves a Woman" and 1995's "Waterworld." "I took time off from the time I was 13 until I was 18," she told Moviehole. "I wanted to take that time to be a kid and make sure that acting was really what I wanted to do."

And Majorino came back sprinting. Along with reprising her role in "Veronica Mars" for the 2014 movie, she has consistently worked on the small screen. She appeared in "Big Love" for five years, showing her range as devout Mormon Heather Tuttle. In 2012, she took on Deb again for the short-lived "Napoleon Dynamite" animated TV series while also working on "Bones" and "True Blood" and scrubbing in as Dr. Heather Brooks on "Grey's Anatomy." She also appeared in "Legends" and "Scorpion." 

But the question on most Marshmallows' minds is: where was Mac in 2019's reboot? "There was no room for my beloved hacker queen and, as conversations continued, that only became more clear," Majorino told TVLine. "So I made the decision not to participate." Show creator Rob Thomas confirmed the secondary characters would not have storylines, but that there were "no hard feelings" and he'd "jump at" the chance to work together again.

Max Greenfield has appeared in sitcoms and wrote a children's book

Max Greenfield charmed Veronica and fans alike as cuddly cop Leo D'Amato. He joined the cast in the 2014 film and 2019 reboot, and has been quite busy. Along with countless guest spots on TV, Greenfield went on to star in sitcoms like "Modern Men" and "Ugly Betty," and let's not forget his longstanding stint as the often-shirtless Schmidt in "New Girl." Greenfield has done voicework for popular films and series including "Robot Chicken," "Ice Age: Collision Course," "Bob's Burgers," and "Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite!" In 2020, he appeared in "Promising Young Woman," and he currently stars on "The Neighborhood," alongside Beth Behrs and Cedric the Entertainer.

In 2008, he married casting director Tess Sanchez, and the couple has two kids with whom he can workshop his new gig as a children's book writer. That is, if they decide to read his work. "Our kids don't like to read books, so I wrote one about not wanting to read one in the hopes that they read it," he told People. "Fingers crossed."

Chris Lowell is snapping photos and acting

Chris Lowell's Piz was Veronica's nice-guy college bud who became her boyfriend in Season 3. After the first series ended, Lowell landed the role of Dell Parker on "Private Practice." Per IMDb, he went on to star in more shows including "Enlisted," "Graves," and Netflix's "GLOW." He also starred in Oscar-winning films like 2011's "The Help" and 2020's "Promising Young Woman," the latter a role he hopes makes a profound impact. "There's no way you could walk away from this film with a 'meh' response. It just won't let you off the hook that way. I think that's a great way to make art," he told Flickering Myth.

Lowell tried his hand at directing in 2013's "Beside Still Waters." He told Interview magazine, "A lot of the reason why I wanted to direct was I wanted to talk to actors the way I wished a director would talk to me." In 2021, Lowell signed up to star in the "How I Met Your Mother" spinoff, "How I Met Your Father," alongside Hilary Duff (via Deadline). 

Notably, Lowell is also a professional photographer — but not the kind of photos Veronica dabbled in. According to Jackson Fine Art, the gallery that reps Lowell, he studied photography at the University of Southern California and Parsons the New School for Design. He has co-hosted Photo L.A. with Dave LaChapelle, and his work is available for purchase.

Ryan Hansen starred in a Veronica Mars spinoff of sorts

Ryan Hansen played the insufferable Dick Casablancas. But leave it to "Veronica Mars" to make surfer jerks so loveable that they can pull off their own spinoff ... kind of. Though it got just eight episodes, the 2014 meta-comedy "Play It Again, Dick" followed a fictionalized version of Hansen trying to get a spinoff for his "Veronica Mars" character. It featured special appearances from the original cast, including Veronica herself, Kristen Bell. Hansen also reprised his role as Dick for the 2014 movie and 2019 Hulu series.

Outside of "Veronica Mars, he's found work on both the big and small screen. He was a regular in the series "Party Down," "Friends With Benefits," "Burning Love," and "2 Broke Girls," to name a few. He's appeared in films like 2009's "Friday the 13th" and 2017's "CHIPS." He also had a YouTube Red series, "Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television." In 2021, Hansen starred alongside Iliza Shlesinger and Margaret Cho in the Netflix movie "Good on Paper," a role he says he will happily transform his body for. "I will actually gain the real weight if I get to do a sequel and jack up my teeth for real," he joked to Insider, referring to the stomach padding and prosthetic teeth he wore to morph into his character. 

Outside of Hollywood, Hansen and wife Amy Russell have three children who are so close with Kristen Bell's family that they often vacation together.

Ken Marino hopes for a Vinnie Van Lowe spinoff

We all remember Ken Marino's portrayal of bumbling private investigator Vinnie Van Lowe, a character he wishes to play again. Per NY Daily News, Marino wants a "'Better Call Saul-type' spinoff with Vinnie," which is almost too good to imagine. While he hasn't been given the greenlight for that show, he's staying busy working television, where he has too many acting credits to list. Some notable roles include the dark comedy "Childrens Hospital," "Reaper," "Party Down," "Burning Love," and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." Marino also starred in the "Wet Hot American Summer" revivals in 2015 and 2017, a cult franchise he has to thank for some built amazing relationships. "It's a fun group of people to shoot those scenes with and add funny stuff, and kind of create things in the moment," he told Under The Radar.

He and writer/producer Erica Oyama have been married since 2005 and have two children. They worked together on projects like "Bachelor" parody "Burning Love." Marino readily admits that she's the funnier half of the comedic couple and also a bit of a mastermind. On PeopleTV's "Couch Surfing" (via EW), he said that before they started shooting "Burning Love," he "got a little heavy, and so she wrote this thing where I had to take my shirt off." After mentioning he'd better get back in shape for the scene, Marino dropped 20 pounds. "It worked," he said, later quipping, "The trick is just: listen to your wife."

Enrico Colantoni has tried his hand at directing

Enrico Colantoni played Veronica Mars' father, a private investigator who influenced her gumshoe ambitions. Papa Mars has been involved in all the show's projects, and after the series was initially canceled, he went on to enjoy a robust acting career, with roles like J. Edgar Hoover in "The Kennedys" and Rudy Giuliani in "The Hot Zone." He has appeared in "Flashpoint," "Remedy," "Person of Interest," and "Westworld." In 2019, he appeared the Mr. Roger's film "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," and will be seen in the 2021 mini-series "Station Eleven."

Along with taking on some amazing roles, Colantoni has stretched himself creatively as a director. While working on "Remedy" in 2014, he was invited to direct his first credited episode, a gesture he called "beyond generous" and "beyond complimentary" when speaking with ET Canada. He went on to direct the TV film "Nasty Habits" and episodes of "iZombie," and he is in pre-production on his directorial feature film debut, "Vacuums and the Whistling Pig."

Though he's known for playing Veronica's dad, Enrico has children of his own in real life. He recalled watching "Veronica Mars" with his daughter to Vulture in 2019, saying, "She became very aware of me as her dad playing the dad to someone else, and you could see her brain just sort of make sense out of it."