Donald Trump's Response To Upcoming Tell-All Book Has Twitter Talking

Donald Trump may have left the White House in January 2021, but he's still making headlines. From the shocking amount that he charges the Secret Service for their stays at his properties to his social media lawsuit and him not mincing words for former allies, Trump has proven that he's not going to let the public forget his presence. Now, the former president of the United States is making headlines for an alleged fight with former vice president Mike Pence.

According to an article by Michael C. Bender in The Wall Street Journal, Trump was in disbelief that he lost the 2020 presidential election, continuing to tell people that he won by "a lot." Ultimately, the fight centered on the hiring of Corey Lewandowski, with Trump second guessing how the public was perceiving him and his administration. During the fight, Trump allegedly called Pence "so disloyal" before tossing a newspaper at him. The newspaper sported an article discussing Lewnadowski's hiring, with which Trump apparently wasn't happy. Pence retorted that he had discussed this with Trump personally, before saying, "We walked you through every detail of this. We did this for you — as a favor. And this is how you respond? You need to get your facts straight."

The moment between the two was tense. According to Pence, he'd been instructed to hire Lewandowski by Jared Kushner, only for the then-president to be upset about it. Now, this fight has become public knowledge, and Trump is not thrilled about it.

This is what Donald Trump has to say about his fight with Mike Pence

Donald Trump is upset about the fight with his former vice president, Mike Pence, becoming public knowledge. But reporter Michael C. Bender is digging his heels into the ground and not letting up. Trump sent out a statement to his email subscribers on July 9, 2021, refuting that the fight ever happened. Bender shared this statement as a screenshot in a tweet and doubled down that the fight did happen and that anyone who is interested can find out more in his upcoming tell-all book.

"The story written by third-rate reporter Michael Bender, that Mike Pence and I had a big fight over Corey Lewandowski, is totally false," Trump wrote in his statement. "No such fight ever happened, it is fiction as are so many other stories written in the vast number of books coming out about me."

To this, Bender retorted in his tweet, "I stand by my reporting. The fight happened in front of others and multiple sources confirmed. It is correct — and just one of many revealing details in the excerpt and still unreported in the book." Looks like this game of cat and mouse is only just beginning. 

This is what Twitter users are saying about this feud

As the fight wages on between Donald Trump and reporters such as Michael C. Bender, Twitter users are providing their own commentary. Some are appalled by Trump's continued actions, and some find humor in the mess of it all. For example, one Twitter user, in response to Trump's name-calling at Bender, replied, "You've got to put 'Third-rate reporter – Donald Trump' in your Twitter bio. I don't make the rules."

Other Twitter users believe Trump is bluffing. One person responded, "The moment Trump deny [sic] something is the ultimate proof that it's true." Another said, "By him making this statement we all know it's true, and even possibly worse than the witnesses told you."

Other responders seem to believe that Bender was wrong for not bringing this fight to light sooner than now. "Super excited about the way you withheld that for your book," one person replied.

Ultimately, the reactions to this fight range the entire spectrum of emotions, and there is never going to be one single opinion that everyone agrees on. However, it's intriguing to see how much news will continue to be released about Trump now that he's out of office.