The Tattoo Trend That Everyone Is Trying Right Now

Tattoos have existed for centuries. Whether they're big or small, or colorful or monochromatic, they're the perfect way to make a statement on your skin that will last forever. In the world of tattoos, artists have seen an uptick in recent years in requests for much daintier markings than the classic tattoos of yesteryear, per ABC. For those going under the needle for the first time, the dainty tattoo trend is the perfect place to start. You can easily choose to tuck the design away somewhere subtle like the inside of your ring finger or your ankle, or you can display them proudly on your collarbone or arm.

Tiny tattoos come in a variety of small shapes and sizes. Many people opt for something silly and fun, while others choose a subtle but meaningful representation of something important to them. Tons of celebrities have participated in the trend as well, with Ariana Grande, Hailey Beiber, and Miley Cyrus each bearing multiple miniature markings all over their skin (via InStyle). The tattoos make for an eye-catching piece, and there are tons of variations you can take into consideration when planning your own tiny tattoo.

Tattoo artists don't mind daintier work

New York tattoo artist Ruben Kravets tells InStyle, ""Dainty [micro-realism] tattoos are my absolute favorite, they're flawless. The small artwork allows me to include lots of details and gives a more vivid and strong impression of the tattoo owner's personality. For me, micro-realism is the art form that gives me the opportunity to continuously grow in my work as a tattoo artist." He cites behind the ear florals as a popular choice for the dainty micro-realism style. Kravets also notes that a subtle floral piece behind the ear is a great choice for a small but meaningful piece.

Lettering has been a popular choice for tattoos for decades, and a daintier option allows for the tattoo wearer to choose a softer script as opposed to the big and bold fonts of yesteryear. Matching tattoos on a small scale have also been a popular choice.

You can pack tons of meaning into a tiny tattoo, and many artists love working on the intricate ink for their clients. Tattoo artist to the stars Mira Mariah, known for her work on Ariana Grande's hand tattoo, tells Elle, "I really like small tattoos because they're a bit easier to commit too — they're really charming and feel like jewelry."

If you're thinking about adding a new tattoo to your collection or going under the needle for the first time, go for a tiny tattoo with tons of meaning. You definitely won't regret it.