Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Cheer Perfection?

As proven by shows like "Cheer Perfection," cheerleading is an age-old American staple like apple pie and baseball. However, it's taken several decades for it to be considered a serious sport. In recent times, cheerleading has gained massive popularity, especially from the moment Kirsten Dunst brought it with the Toros in the 2000 cult classic "Bring It On." Cheer enthusiasts have also been privileged to enjoy televised high school and collegiate competitions and even reality TV shows featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of cheerleaders.

There have been a number of cheer-centric reality TV series over the years, including Freeform's "Cheer Squad," Lifetime's "Cheerleader Generation" and "Cheerleader Nation," and Netflix's "Cheer." But it was TLC's "Cheer Perfection" in 2012 that both captivated and shocked a generation of cheerleading fans due to the entertainment the show provided and the off-camera headlines generated by cast members. "Cheer Perfection" only lasted two seasons, but certainly left a significant impression that left followers wondering what happened to the cheerleaders and coaches of Cheer Time Revolution since its cancellation. Here's a look at the whereabouts of the stars of "Cheer Perfection."

Alisha Dunlap continues to share her love of cheerleading

Cheer Time Revolution gym owner, cheer coach, and mom Alisha Dunlap was the definition of a boss babe during her time on the small screen for "Cheer Perfection." It's no wonder Alisha was chosen by TLC to appear on the series, particularly given her cheer resume and beauty pageant pedigree. All three of her daughters — Cassadee, Cambree, and Chanlee — got their start in the world of beauty pageantry, with Alisha, her husband (R.D. Dunlap), and daughter Cassadee originally starring in "Toddlers and Tiaras" before jumping over to "Cheer Perfection" (via Starcasm). Alisha told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in 2013 that much of "Cheer Perfection" "is about me and my life and the things I deal with day to day in my business."

Cheer Time Revolution appears to continue doing great business, honing the athletic abilities of young cheerleaders and earning continued praise from visitors, per the gym's official Facebook page. As for Alisha, one of her tweets in 2021 shared footage of the Navarro Cheer Daytona Showoff event that year, further proving the coach's passionate dedication to cheerleading. She also has a YouTube channel (with over 13,000 subscribers) filled with cheerleading content and even some throwback pageant clips of Cassadee and Cambree.

Details of R.D. Dunlap's life post-arrest are vague

Alisha Dunlap's husband, R.D. Dunlap, was also a featured coach on the show "Cheer Perfection" when it first aired in 2012. The devoted husband and father, unfortunately, found himself in trouble with the law in January of 2014, upon getting arrested on drug charges. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that R.D was arrested on multiple drug charges which included "simple possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia."

Due to the charges, R.D. was suspended from teaching at Cheer Time Revolution. By February 2014, Dunlap was seen back teaching at the Cheer Time gym, which, according to TMZ, caused a stir among parents who hadn't been told ahead of time of his return, which his wife said was temporary due to be being "short-staffed." As of now, R.D.'s last recorded post on Instagram was in August of 2014, showing him standing at what appears to be Cheer Time Revolution. "No other place I would rather be #ctrtigers #family," read the photo's caption.

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Cassadee Dunlap is living her best life cheering in college

As the eldest Dunlap daughter, Cassadee Dunlap first appeared on "Toddlers & Tiaras" with her parents before showing off her athleticism on the short-lived "Cheer Perfection." Cassadee shot to fame at a very young age, thanks to those shows. She now lives the average, everyday life of a college student and cheerleader, who just so happens to be a former reality television star.

Still a celebrity in her own right, Cassadee is very active on Instagram, with an impressive following of over 67,000 fans. In June 2021, she announced that she decided to continue cheering at the University of Central Arkansas, so it appears that her love of cheer has yet to wane. According to her social media, Cassadee also appears to enjoy spending time on the beach and on the water with her boyfriend and her friends. She's also a devoted daughter and sister who considers mom Alisha to be her "bestest friend" and the "most beautiful person inside and out," as she shared in an Instagram post.

Cheer Perfection's Cambree Dunlap is enjoying life

Cambree Dawn Dunlap is the middle Dunlap daughter, and like the rest of her family, she basically has cheerleading in her blood. She too starred on "Cheer Perfection," but since the show's end, very little about the talented athlete has been made public for fans. Cambree has an active Instagram account with close to 10,000 followers. According to her page's brief biography, she's an All-Star cheerleader and a junior pageant coach. Her account features her posing with sisters Cassadee and Chanlee, enjoying many sun-soaked days at the beach, hanging out with friends, and, of course, cheerleading – so it seems she's enjoying life.

There's also a picture of Cambree holding up a document appearing to be a learner's permit, marking an important milestone most teenagers hope to achieve! Showing off her accomplishment proudly, she wrote in the caption, "Watch out there's a new driver on the road." Cambree's clearly grown a lot since her reality TV days!

Chanlee Dunlap loves horses

Like her older sister Cassadee, Chanlee Dunlap also has a huge social media following on Instagram and still loves cheerleading and pageants. Alongside those activities, Chanlee also lists "horses" as a "passion" in her Instagram bio. Yes, Chanlee adores horses, and there are plenty of pictures of her posing with them on her Instagram account. Her YouTube channel only has a handful of videos posted, but that could very well change in due time.

There are more than enough pictures and videos on Chanlee's Instagram account for fans to enjoy, and it's clear that she's grown up since her "Cheer Perfection" days. Chanlee's bond with sisters Cassadee and Cambree is still apparent, with videos of them performing in-sync cheerleading moves and pictures of heartwarming family photos. In 2021, Chanlee gave a shoutout to her dad, R.D., on Instagram for Father's Day with many cute photos and video clips of her papa, so it'd seem they share a close bond.

Andrea Clevenger was released on parole

"Cheer Perfection" mom Andrea Clevenger and her daughter Kylie Clevenger were both integral cast members of the show. Andrea, in particular, shocked the "Cheer Perfection" fanbase after making headlines in 2014 after being charged with the rape of a 13-year-old boy, as reported by TMZ. She pled guilty to "one count of first-degree sexual assault and engaging a child in sexually explicit conduct," according to Arkansas' KTHV.

Clevenger was released on parole in 2017 and ordered to abide by a number of "special conditions" by the Arkansas Parole Board. Among those, Clevenger was barred from unsupervised physical contact with minors, needed to comply with regular testing, undertake mental health counseling, have complete abstinence from alcohol, and had to register as a sex offender. KTHV added that the incident in question did not occur at the Cheer Time Revolution gym and that "Cheer Perfection" had been canceled prior to Clevenger's arrest. Very little information about Andrea and Kylie Clevenger's current lives is known.

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Ann Robinson always cheers daughter Torrann Robinson on via social media

Like the Dunlap family, the Robinsons (Ann, Torrann, and Ann's husband, Torrey) were first featured in "Toddlers & Tiaras" before starring in "Cheer Perfection." As fans of the show know, Ann and Torrey have been supportive of daughter Torrann's athletic talents from the start. Need proof? Ann's Instagram account (which has over 11,000 followers) is basically a photo album homage to her beautiful daughter. Countless pictures of Torrann can be viewed on there, including one celebrating her making All-Conference in volleyball, making All-American in cheerleading, and Most Rebounds in basketball. There are also photos of Torrann posing with dad Torrey. "My 2 favorites," Ann wrote in the caption of one picture

According to Ann's account, Torrann also graduated high school in 2021 and is off to enjoy life as a college student at Arkansas Tech, where it appears she'll continue cheerleading.

There's little known about what Bonnie Crow and daughter Alana are up to today

In one famous scene from "Cheer Perfection," cheer mom and "Toddlers & Tiara" alum Bonnie Crow egged on her daughter Alana to do a move that ultimately caused her to fall and land on her head. As reported by ABC News in 2012, Bonnie and Alana had a testy back-and-forth row about the incident. Even with Alana admitting that her fright was the reason for her botched move attempt, Bonnie went on to explain why she has high expectations for her child: "I expect a lot from my daughter. We spend a lot of money at cheer. And when she did that, I was very upset with her ... I expect my daughter to do good. And that was not going to cut it." Bonnie also disclosed to ABC, as shared by the Daily Mail, that she bribed her child with $1,000 to do backflips.

There's very little information on her and Alana's current whereabouts, in cheerleading or elsewhere.

Michelle Henderson and daughter Ashtyn appear happy

Like Torrann Robinson, Ashtyn Henderson's social media information can mainly be found on what appears to be her mom Michelle Henderson's personal Instagram page. There's also a photo of Ashtyn smiling and standing next to Alisha Dunlap that dates back to 2014, so it'd seem they're in some kind of contact. However, it's unclear if Ashtyn is still cheerleading. The latest photo of Ashtyn wearing a cheerleading uniform since appearing on "Cheer Perfection" was posted in 2017 on her mom's account. Still, there's a possibility that Ashtyn is still involved in cheerleading to some degree, judging by a photo posted in May 2021 of her posing next to a friend, who is an active cheerleader. Ashtyn's mom wrote in the caption, "Good luck this week in Florida."

Outside of cheerleading, several pictures of Ashtyn show her living a normal life as a young woman, whether that's taking selfies in public or standing in the snow. It'd appear that Ashtyn graduated from high school in 2019, as Michelle shared a graduation picture of her daughter with the caption, "Trying not to cry about this #eStemClassof2019."

Olivia Stuckey is cheertastic

Olivia Stuckey's life after "Cheer Perfection" still involves cheerleading. Her Instagram account, which has over 9,000 followers, shows her as a high school student having the time of her life. Whether solo or with friends, Stuckey appears to be at ease. There's also plenty of pictures with her donning cheerleading outfits for North Little Rock High School, proving that she's cheered for the school. In December 2020, she proudly shared news of NLR's cheer squad becoming State Champions. "It's a good day to be a wildcat," she wrote in the caption. There are other fun images on her Instagram, including her taking on the slopes of Colorado, receiving a car for Easter, and posing in front of the iconic Cinderella castle at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Seems like she's been busy!

Olivia has certainly come a long way as a competitive cheerleader, and the "Cheer Perfection" star's hard work seems to have greatly paid off.