Why Coconut Oil Is Good For Your Dyed Hair

Folks who dye their hair are generally doing so with the hopes that their chosen color will last as long as possible. Through weather, washing, styling, and sunshine, we want our hair to remain shiny, vibrant, and healthy looking. In order to help achieve this, there are countless products on the market promising to extend color life and boost moisture (via Self). With a bathroom full of "color safe" shampoo, deep conditioners, sun-shielding sprays, and leave-in treatments, you could easily spend a fortune trying to protect and preserve that precious color and also prevent the dye from damaging your hair. 

But what if we told you one of the best solutions to dry, brittle, color-fading hair isn't necessarily in the haircare aisle of your local pharmacy or Ulta, but rather, in your kitchen cabinet? Enter the often imitated but never duplicated wonder of the dietary, skincare, and hair care worlds: coconut oil.  

What coconut oil does for color treated hair

According to Skincraft, coconut oil is an excellent choice for use on your color-treated hair. Hair dye tends to stress hair, making it more prone to becoming dry, brittle, and rough. Coconut oil, however, counteracts these chemical effects by hydrating the hair, penetrating the follicle to deliver deep moisture and repair damage, and by promoting healthy growth. Answers To All  seconds this statement, saying coconut oil is a great choice for dyed hair because if its superior moisturizing abilities. 

In case you have other styling products you prefer to use during the day when you are going out into the world, one good way to get the most out of a coconut oil hair treatment is to use it at night (via Skincraft). Simply work a little bit of coconut oil into your hair, giving special attention to the ends and any other dry or brittle areas, and leave it in overnight. In the morning you can wash it out if you wish to reveal happier, healthier, softer hair.