Here's Where To Watch The Wild New Show Sexy Beasts

Fans of reality TV series will get an odd new entry into the dating show category when Netflix debuts six new episodes of "Sexy Beasts" on July 21, according to Newsweek.

Though participants take part in traditional reality-dating show scenarios, they do all their activities together while wearing full prosthetic make-up to mask their true appearances. A single person is paired with three contestants vying for the bachelor or bachelorette's affection, and each one takes on the appearance of animals, demons, and other creatures. The trailer for the show reveals contestants in Hollywood-style makeup as a porpoise, devil, beaver, witch, and panda — to name a few. 

Viewers will tune in to see a dolphin take a carriage ride with a pig-like creature, a panda have dinner in a fancy restaurant with a bull, and a beaver go on a blind date with an alien. According to the trailer, the cast of singletons attempt to court one another while members of the unaware general public watch with curiosity at their antics. Meanwhile, the show is narrated by "Catastrophe" actor and comedian Rob Delaney, who delivers hilarious commentary throughout each episode.

The series is actually a remake (yes, really)

If you think "Sexy Beasts" sounds familiar, you're right. While the remake is billed as an original Netflix series, it's actually based on a British version that aired on the BBC in 2014 and in the U.S. on A&E in 2015. Clips from those episodes are available on A&E's YouTube channel for free viewing, but the entire eight episodes are available on Prime Video and Vudu for purchase. 

According to Variety, Netflix has signed on for at least two seasons of "Sexy Beasts," and production is overseen by the same company responsible for "The Masked Singer." The second season of "Sexy Beasts" is expected to land on Netflix near the end of 2021. An international cast will appear in the new series, with 48 unique makeup designs being featured across two seasons. The costumes and makeup were created for the series by leading prosthetic artist Kristyan Mallet, who has IMDb credits such as "Justice League," "Mission Impossible: Fallout," and the upcoming series "The Sandman."

"Sexy Beasts" joins Netflix's slate of unconventional reality dating shows, including "Too Hot to Handle" and "Love is Blind," on July 21.