The Most Flattering Haircut For Your Body Type

Every once in a while, it's natural to want to mix up your haircut just for a change of pace. But, before you chop your tresses to look like your favorite celeb, think about what kind of 'do works best with your proportions. When getting a haircut, it's important to consider face shape, hair texture and, believe it or not, body type (via Live About).

According to Healthline, the most common body shapes for adult women are rectangle, pear, apple, and hourglass. However, we know that it's hard to classify your unique self into a single category. Plus, there's a number of sub-categories within these four groups, such as athletic, skinny, petite, tall, and curvy. Certain haircuts will accentuate your natural figure while others could take away from your overall beauty.

Haircuts are best used to create an illusion of perfect symmetry. San Francisco salon owner and hairstylist Silvia Reis uses the natural geometry of the face and body to create balance. Reis explains (via YouTube) that, when "your hair and everything looks in proportion, it can even make you look smaller" — if that's your goal.

So, whether you're looking to camouflage a few extra pounds or add an inch or two of height, we've got the haircut recommendations for you and your body type.

Balance a curvy body with medium-length volume

Curvy and full-figured body types shouldn't shy away from big hair. According to Silvia Reis, long sleek hair on curvy women creates an illusion that your hair is thin and your body is bigger (via YouTube). If you want to achieve balance, opt for a more voluminous hairstyle to stay in proportion with your body, such as wavy hair or layers. Full-figured bodies should use this same philosophy when considering length.

More suggests staying away from a dramatic short crop, too. Instead, go for a medium-length cut, about shoulder length, with extra angles like a side part or side bang to maintain volume and balance. If you're looking to appear taller or slimmer, Reis recommends adding some volume to the crown of the head. "Anything that creates attention and brings the eye to the face," she says.

If you're used to a shorter cut, go for it! It will always grow back, right? Remember to keep the length somewhere between your chin and shoulders to balance out the top and bottom of the body (via Live About). Most importantly, embrace those curves!

Bob haircuts flatter a petite figure

A petite woman's biggest haircut struggle is finding a flattering 'do that won't get them carded at the bar. Long hair on a short woman will only make her appear tinier, while a pixie cut or tight curls can create a child-like illusion (via More).

A grown-up style guaranteed to make even the most vertically challenged appear womanly is the bob or lob. This cut is super flattering with a variety of hair textures and, according to Live About, can even create the illusion of height with a little added volume at the crown.

Opt for any bob that falls between your chin and shoulders to keep your mane in proportion with your tiny frame. As far as styling, either a center or side part will achieve your desired symmetry. This cut is also incredibly versatile and easy to maintain. If you're going for a sophisticated look, break out the straightener to create an ultra-sleek bob, or, if you're feeling sassy, try out a soft beachy wave. 

Tall frames should keep hair shoulder-length or longer

If you're a tall person looking to lean into the traditional feminine look, keep your hair long and flowy with soft waves. Silvia Reis explains that a longer cut creates balance on a tall figure (via YouTube). "The eye already sees length when the hair is long as well," she says. "That hair goes with that body type." 

However, if you're more comfortable maintaining a shorter cut, feel free to chop your mane all the way up to your shoulders (via Live About). This will add volume and perfectly offset the broad shoulders. "Just because you're statuesque doesn't mean you can't be feminine and even delicate," says hair guru Ken Paves (via "You can have a fun, flirty cut. All you need is to add movement and texture."

Add an extra touch of femininity to a long or short hairstyle by opting for long bangs, face-framing layers, or angles (via More). Bangs can make the face appear rounder and balance the long facial features often seen on taller women. 

Waves create the illusion of curves on slim body types

Slim and straight body types often fear looking boyish due to their small chests and tiny hips, but, with the right haircut, you can create the illusion of curves. According to More, medium-length wavy hair is your best bet to effortlessly add a feminine flair to slender frames. 

Ken Paves (via recommends that straight body types stay neutral with their cuts and styles. "It's all about fluidity — and keeping everything incredibly soft," he says. That means soft waves, natural layers, and swooping bangs. Stay away from sharp angles, like spiky hair or choppy cuts. In addition, stick-straight hair will only accentuate your already slender frame, thus making you appear even skinnier.

If you're struggling with keeping your hair texture soft and feminine, Paves suggests investing in an anti-frizz oil. "Oil is good for keeping thick hair soft and swingy," he says. Shiny and simply styled hair is the perfect partner for a slim frame.