Are Nina & Mick From Sexy Beasts Still Together?

The new Netflix show, "Sexy Beasts," appears to be more of a social experiment rather than a reality dating show helping two people find love.

The show, like many others, puts two strangers together on dates, but they are disguised as beasts and other bizarre creatures with the help of prosthetics and make-up. The Guardian describes the show as "deranged," and although some may think it's too far out there, it does have its place as Netflix has ordered two seasons of it (via CNN).

The purpose of the odd dating series is to see if a connection can be formed without an initial physical attraction, and when you see some of these getups, its obvious personality will have to be the deal-breaker behind the participants' partner choice. The internet is already stirring over the show, as well as two beasts in particular who had formed a bond by Episode 5, Nina and Mick, or who were disguised as dolphin and rhino. One user even tweeted, "Okay I wasn't expecting Mick to be that hot..."

Perhaps love is blind after all

According to Cinemablend, Mick and Nina hit it off in the speed-dating round and appeared to have a lot in common on both a spiritual and sexual level. On their most memorable one-on-one date, Mick took Nina on a horse carriage ride in what could have been a town right out of a Hallmark movie. The beasts snuggled under a blanket, meditated, and shared an intimate air-kiss. 

Nina chose Mick and when the two strangers see each other, it seems that they are pleased. Nina states, "I already fell in love with Mick's personality" and Mick agrees that he felt the same about his "Dolphin Queen" as he embraced her and the two shared a kiss. While the two appeared to have great chemistry, did their relationship fizzle before it even began?

Although the two have yet to issue a statement about their relationship, Decider reports that the two beasts do follow each other on Instagram. Nina seems more active on Mick's account than he is on hers, and the two do not appear to be dating each other, or anyone else at the moment, but fans – keep your eyes peeled for more hints.