This Is Why You Should Always Have Vodka In Your Home

If you're a fan of vodka martinis (like the one and only "Bond, James Bond") or you enjoy sipping a refreshing cape coder on the porch in summer, you likely have a bottle of vodka in your liquor cabinet. And if you do, you are far from alone; vodka is the most popular spirit in the world (via When enjoyed in safe moderation, it can even be health promoting. According to Town and Country, enjoying one Vodka drink per day for women and up to two for men can help maintain heart health, reduce stress, reduce risks associated with diabetes, and even help alleviate symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  

But refreshing cocktails aren't the only god reasons to keep vodka readily available in your house. Did you know this popular booze can do a whole lot more than fill a shot glass? Whether it's laundry, disinfecting, first aid, or oral hygiene you're working on, vodka can help!  

Household uses for vodka

If you have a dress or an outfit you planned to wear out tonight but you forgot to wash it in time, don't worry; if you have vodka and a spray bottle in your house, help is readily available (via Readers Digest). Simply pour straight vodka into the spray bottle and mist the heck out of the clothes as they hang. As the aclohol evaporates, it takes the odors with it, leaving fresh-smelling clothes. No need to water it down, either, as it's actually the high alcohol content that makes this work. And best of all? once it's dry, the vodka itself leaves no boozy-smelling residue.

And clothes aren't even the only thing vodka can freshen. If you're fresh out of mouth wash, swish for several seconds with vodka, and it can help alleviate bad breath by killing bacteria (via Town and Country). And if you have a cut or wound you need to clean but don't have a first aid kit handy, vodka is a great antiseptic and can help keep wounds from getting infected.