This Is Why You Should Always Have Litter In Your Home - Even If You Don't Have A Cat

If you have a cat in your household, you likely have a bunch of cat litter stock piled. Cat litter can be the bane of most cat owners' existence. It's heavy, takes up room in your cabinets, and every cat owner knows the smell! So, if you don't have a cat, you probably have no desire to have cat litter in your home. What purpose could litter possibly have for a non-cat owner?

According to advice from Village Dodge, you may want to grab some cat litter on your next trip to the store. If you live in a cold climate that sees rough winters, cat litter may become your best friend. As it turns out, the substance used for a cat's bathroom can double as traction support for your car in the snow. If you don't have easy access to sand or large amounts of salt, you can use cat litter on your car's tires to improve winter traction!

Cat litter can give your tires traction in snow

Yes, believe it or not, cat litter is for more than just our feline companions. If you've ever found your car stuck on the ice, you know how scary that can be. If keeping sand and salt in your home or car seems difficult, you can add cat litter to your next grocery store list to keep on hand instead. Village Dodge states that adding cat litter underneath your tires can improve traction. Clean cat litter is made to absorb cat urine, so it can do the trick of absorbing water and wet snow underneath your car's tires, according to Lifehacker.

Unlike salt that can corrode your car, cat litter can help break down moisture without adding any damage. It is also easier to keep on hand than large amounts of sand for most people. There is another benefit to using cat litter over sand or salt as well. Cat litter seems to do the trick of absorbing moisture on its own, while sand and salt typically need to be used together. Sand does not melt ice and salt does not add much traction. Both of these supplies need to be used together. So, save yourself some trouble and grab some cat litter for your car during the winter months!