This Is The Best Type Of Nut For Your Metabolism

If you've followed any of the conventional guidance around plant-based eating over the last few years, you'll know how powerfully potent nuts and seeds are in terms of overall health. From benefitting your eye health to your inflammatory response, eating these little powerhouses goes a long way. But, in terms of your metabolic health, one nut stands above the rest.

According to a new study cited by Mindbodygreen, reaching for some almonds to snack on can be beneficial for your metabolism. The study followed a group of 275 16 to 25-year-olds who all had prediabetic markers. One group ate almonds as snacks for 90 days while the other ate a snack made from flour and chickpeas. After the trial period, the group who ate almonds had a significantly lower level of a marker for glucose control called glycosylated hemoglobin that's related to diabetes. Furthermore, they had reduced amounts of IL-6 — an inflammatory marker.

While more research is needed to clarify the long-term effects of the study, it shows promising evidence of almonds' ability to improve metabolic health and lower inflammation levels. If you're at risk for prediabetes or struggle with inflammation, adding almonds to your diet may not be a bad idea.

Eating almonds may help with digestion

In addition to providing metabolic support, almonds also help with a variety of other health issues. Taste of Home notes that this type of nut contains a high amount of fiber which helps keep things moving in your digestive tract. Plus, you don't have to eat the actual nut to reap this benefit; almond milk can do the trick as well. By spurring digestion and providing high levels of gut-healthy bacteria, almonds can help soothe your gut with just a handful.

Furthermore, their high-fat content makes for a perfect addition to your beauty routine. Similar to the benefits of avocado and flax, almonds provide fatty acids that protect and fortify your hair as well as your skin. The outlet notes that these compounds can help improve your hair's texture and growth rate, leaving you with shiny, strong strands — all while lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels. You can also count on almond oil as a topical treatment to de-frizz and smooth out your hair.

Lastly, since they're chock full of antioxidants, almonds also protect against early signs of aging and signs of oxidative stress. Keeping your heart beating strong and steady, these nuts can help you feel more beautiful today and healthier tomorrow.