If You're A Sagittarius, This Is The Kind Of Person You Shouldn't Marry

Sociable, happy-go-lucky, independent and ready for anything — that's Sagittarius in a nutshell. The ninth sign of the zodiac (November 22-December 21) gets its cheerful, larger-than-life energy from its ruling planet, Jupiter (via AstroStyle), making Archer-born folks the automatic life of the party. Sure, they may drop off the radar for a while if they're off traveling or doing their own thing, but when their friends need them, they'll drop everything to come to the rescue. (Astrology-Zodiac-Signs explains that this is the sign of "teaching and healing.")

Although Sagittarians don't need a partner to be happy, when they fall in love, they make that person the center of their lives (via Astrology-Zodiac-Signs). It may take a while to find that Mr. or Ms. Right — Archers tend to play the field before settling down — but when they do, they can be devoted partners. Just give them the space they need to pursue their passions and not feel smothered, and you've got the beginnings of a beautiful marriage. 

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, even in astrology. Plenty of happy couples are born under sun signs that are traditionally considered incompatible. Still, if you're a Sagittarius who relates to the sign's classic traits, you'd do well to look for a partner whose values align with yours — and certain signs have a rep for being poor matches with the Archer. Here are some insights as to the kinds of people who aren't destined for a happily-ever-after with a Sagittarius.

These signs don't work well with the impulsive, adventurous Sagittarius

Sagittarians are restless and always ready for adventure; they're the ones trekking through Nepal or photographing wildlife in the Galápagos Islands. For that reason, they don't match well with homebodies like Taurus. The Bull's need for commitment and security also clashes with Sag's independence and impulsivity, via Bustle. Similarly, Capricorn and Sagittarius work better as buds than spouses. Capricorn values a secure nest egg and a home to grow old in, while Sag is a spender who gets antsy if they can't change environments every so often.

Another key characteristic of Sagittarius is their blunt honesty. That can cause major hurt feelings with a sensitive partner, who's most likely to be born under Cancer or Pisces. These water signs get tearful or defensive if they feel attacked (via Astrofame). In turn, Sag takes a stay-positive attitude and doesn't like to be vulnerable (via Elite Daily). This mismatch of personalities could make for an unhappy marriage, unless both partners actively work with the other's emotional style.

A better marital match for Archers are people born under Aquarius. As AstroStyle explains, both signs value freedom and individuality, and they're both visionaries who enjoy working for the greater good. A Sagittarius-Aquarius couple might bond over starting an organic food co-op or digging wells in impoverished nations. Aries makes another good pairing with Sagittarius, via Astrology-Zodiac-Signs; they're both passionate fire signs who can find fun in just about anything they do.