Jane Seymour's Stunning Net Worth Revealed

Jane Seymour may best be known for her portrayal of Dr. Michaela Quinn in the 1990's hit "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" but she has made a name for herself in so many other areas. Seymour has been a versatile actor since 1973 when she starred as a Bond Girl in "Live and Let Die" (via IMDb). But she's more than just an actor.

The mom and author has successfully left her mark in areas outside of Hollywood, including her role as spokesperson for Crepe Erase, a skin care brand she swears by, according to Glamour. Her website janeseymour.com is filled with her fine art, books, handbags, furniture, and wearable designs. Not to mention she's an artist with her oil paintings, limited editions, and watercolors on exhibit, per Wentworth Gallery. According to her website, Seymour's limited-edition giclee "The Artist in Her English Garden" sells for $3,000.

Obviously, Seymour's work both onstage and off camera continues to earn her the big bucks. Just how much is Jane Seymour's net worth?

Jane Seymour is worth eight figures

Per The Richest, Jane Seymour has a net worth of $70 million. The Golden Globe winner for "East of Eden" and "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" boasts 150 credits to her name as an actor and 20 as a producer, according to IMDb. The actor continues to add to her long list of work, which now spans over five decades and will soon include a role in the upcoming series "Harry Wild" (via RTÉ).

Aside from acting and producing, Seymour serves as an international ambassador for the organization Childhelp; an honorary chairperson for City Hearts, where she teaches performance arts to children; and spokesperson for Camp Soaring Eagle, per Hallmark Drama TV. She's also paired with JTV.com to design her Open Hearts Jewelry Collection, not to mention she's also designed Scarves by Jane Seymour and a handbag collection, according to her website. Oh, and she is also the founder of the Open Hearts Foundation

With a CV spanning decades, it's safe to say Jane Seymour is incredibly successful in all that she pursues. We can't wait to see what the 70-year-old conquers next.