Who Is FBoy Island's Paul Keating?

Fans of reality dating shows might find their newest obsession when "FBoy Island" premieres on HBO Max. The show features three single women — Nakia Renee, CJ Franco, and Sarah Emig — sharing a villa with 24 men: "12 self-proclaimed 'Nice Guys' looking for love, and 12 self-proclaimed 'FBoys,' there to compete for cold, hard cash," according to a press release from Warner Media. The press release adds, "FBoy Island is a social experiment that asks the age-old question: Can FBoys truly reform or do Nice Guys always finish last?"

The concept for "Fboy Island," which was filmed in early 2021 in the Cayman Islands, comes from Elan Gale, a former producer on "The Bachelor," as well as Sam Dean, a showrunner on Netflix's "Love is Blind." It was that pedigree that convinced actress and comedienne Nikki Glaser to take on hosting duties for the show. "I knew right out of the gate with Elan as the creator of the show that it was going to be everything I love about the 'Bachelor' [franchise] because he is a mind of that show that generated so many of my favorite things that happened during it," she told US Weekly. "When Elan got on 'The Bachelorette' and started to have more of a voice on that show, that's when I really got into that show. I've always loved what he's created."

Among "FBoy Islands" good-looking contestants is Paul Keating. Is he a nice guy? 

Paul Keating's ultimate goal is to have a family

While you'll have to watch the show to see if Paul Keating is an "FBoy" or not, he seems pretty nice on paper. A native of Southern California, the 27-year-old lists surfing and yoga instructor, model, and mover as his main job titles. He was cast on the show by responding to a DM on his Instagram and admittedly thought the whole thing "was a scam until I was on the Cayman Islands with a bunch of dudes and cameras, as he explained to Patch.

And while he has to remain mum about what happened while filming, Keating does admit that his "ultimate goal" for the future is "to start a family." As for more immediate plans, he wants to take a road trip from his native Oceanside, California to Nicaragua to deliver sports gear to kids in the community, as well as "to keep living, learning, and experience what the world has to offer."

Said Paul, "I'm an actor as well and am always on the hunt for roles in films and television. I plan to keep teaching surfing as well."