Easy Ways To Increase Your Energy In The Afternoon

No coffee needed here! The afternoon slump is a real thing. After a long morning, it can be difficult to keep your body and mind moving at the pace you would like. But, instead of reaching for caffeine — which can make things worse in the long run — there are a few tricks you should always have up your sleeve.

Psychology Today reports that most people are at their most alert between 8 and 9 in the morning. So, if you have important, detail-oriented tasks on your to-do list, it may be best to avoid saving them for the afternoon. Furthermore, ingesting a high level of carbs without enough protein can spell disaster for your energy levels as well. Instead of using sugar to pick you up at lunchtime, plan out a balanced meal with proteins and whole foods like fruits and vegetables, the outlet suggests. These will keep you full without zapping you of your energy.

For a healthy snack or lunchtime meal, Goop suggests adding bone broth to your day. Loaded with protein and no caffeine, the liquid offers a savory way to ingest your nutrients. The outlet also recommends getting some movement in. Whether it's a stretching session or a walk around the block, gentle exercise can give you the energy you need to tackle the rest of your day. Using a standing desk may provide these benefits also.

Sometimes you just need more rest

Even with all the energizing techniques in the world at your disposal, it's sometimes no match for deep rest. If you're noticing yourself nodding off or if you're just not feeling up too much, take a nap. Psychology Today suggests keeping your midday snooze sesh to a cool 20 minutes for optimal effects. This way, you won't get overly tired, but you'll feel refreshed enough to take on the second half of your day. Note that there often isn't a substitute for quality rest at night, however. 

On those days that you can't squeeze a nap in, try to get some rest in other ways. Slow down, do some deep breathing, listen to relaxing music or meditate. Goop also recommends slow stretching to give your body a little rest. Just make sure to wind down early at night to support your system and help your body recover.

Lastly, reach for your essential oils — a little scent can go a long way. Diffuse lemon oil or another energizing option to uplift your office or home, the outlet suggests. Do some facial gua sha or use an ice roller to wake up your skin and refresh your body. Don't underestimate the power of physical stimulation!