This Is The Best Time To Take Your Vitamins And Supplements

If you're taking a handful of supplements every morning, you'll want to make sure you're reaping the benefits of them. Especially since the nutrients in these pills can be difficult to absorb, it's important to optimize your routine so they can take their full effect.

According to Goop, many supplements and vitamins work well with food. In fact, most fat-soluble vitamins work best when taken around mealtime and more readily absorb when this is the case. The outlet explains that Vitamins A, D, E and K are just a few of these types that should always accompany food as they enter your body. However, research shows that, of these vitamins, Vitamin D requires the most food for its ideal absorption rate. Take this supplement with your biggest meal of the day for 50% higher rates of absorption, the outlet suggests.

However, for these vitamins, make sure the meal you're eating with them contains a healthy dose of fats. Insider reports that foods like eggs, olive oil and avocado are best to take with these supplements. In addition to fat-soluble supplements, others that pair well with food include probiotics, Goop reports. Food helps carry the bacteria into the gut where it can synthesize and support your overall health.

Timing your supplements is important

There's a reason that many vitamin cases contain morning and evening sections. The time that you ingest your vitamins is important! For instance, Vitamin C can cause nausea and indigestion when taken on an empty stomach, Insider reports. Just like the rest of the fat-soluble supplements, you'll need to take it with a meal for optimal benefits. On the other hand, magnesium helps keep you calm and relaxed, making it a great after-dinner addition.

Obviously, energizing vitamins such as B6, CoQ10 and metabolism-boosting supplements should be a part of your morning routine because they increase your energy levels. However, Goop notes, your system only has enough bandwidth to absorb a certain amount of nutrients at once. So, rather than taking a handful in the morning and one at night, it's wise to spread them out.

Water-soluble supplements require a full glass of water to help them break down and digest properly. Insider notes that both B and C Vitamins in this category; so, anytime you have these in your supplement arsenal, make sure you're getting enough water with them. Furthermore, iron and Vitamin C vitamins pair well together, enhancing their absorption.

Make the most of your routine — make a plan for taking your supplements.