Who Is FBoy Island's Cameron Brown?

HBO Max's "FBoy Island" is the latest must-watch dating show you didn't know you needed. Following in the illustrious footsteps of everything from "Love Island" to "Sexy Beasts" with a dash of "Ex on the Beach" thrown in for good measure, the devilishly ingenious premise sees 24 single men descend upon an island paradise, some of whom are "Nice Guys" while the rest are, well, "FBoys" (via Just Jared). It's up to three smart, modern women to decide who's there for the right reasons. 

Naturally, there's a monetary benefit to staying in the game too. Everybody is fighting to win $100,000, which means every guy, regardless of intention, will be looking to remain on the island for as long as possible. The cast is filled with hotties and the trailer, which showcases the comedic stylings of host Nikki Glaser, as well as the picturesque location in which all this madness will be going down, isn't giving anything away (via YouTube). Cameron Brown certainly stands out amongst the pack. 

This Vegas native is a dedicated gym rat

According to People, Cameron Brown is 29 years old, lives in Las Vegas, and works in real estate. He's a proud momma's boy, and the two chat frequently, but otherwise you'll find him in the gym or chilling out with a good book. As a post on Instagram reveals, Brown previously worked as a Chippendale's dancer, so clearly he's got some moves to break out at the optimum moment. Admitting he always gets "told I look like a player," Brown revealed the key to his heart is "consistency" and his biggest turn off is "bad hygiene" (fair enough) while the realtor's dream woman is "loyal, sexy and funny with a big ole booty." Meanwhile, Brown considers dating him akin to winning the lottery, so maybe he's not on "FBoy Island" for the cash? 

He might work in a lucrative, and glamorous, industry but the Vegas native likes to give back whenever he can too, admitting to having a "soft spot for the elderly and children." Originally hailing from small-town Pennsylvania, Brown also revealed he's not a big fan of clothes, since he works out hard and "won't have this body forever." It seems like the key to dating this soft-hearted hunk, then, is keeping it real, getting them #gainz and remaining humble and grateful. Whether he's on "FBoy Island" for love or to improve his bank balance remains to be seen, however.