This Iconic Musician Once Narrowly Escaped Death After Taking A Ride From Ted Bundy

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According to Too Fab, infamous serial killer Ted Bundy was arrested in 1978 and ultimately confessed to more than 30 homicides. His reign of terror lasted for several years, beginning around 1974 in the northwest United States, per Biography. He was arrested in 1975 and escaped from a jail cell more than once before finally being captured again in 1978. Although Bundy confessed to murdering over three dozen women, experts believe he may have actually killed closer to 100, with the true number of victims perhaps never being known, as he was executed in 1989, per ABC News.

One woman, now an iconic singer, could have been one of Ted Bundy's victims, had things ended differently when she accepted a ride from him in the late 1970s. Luckily for her, she was able to escape and tell her story. Who is this well-known musician, and what happened on that car ride?

Debbie Harry's hitch-hiking led to a ride with Ted Bundy

In her book, "Face It: A Memoir," which was released in October 2019, Debbie Harry, who gained fame as the lead vocalist for Blondie, said that she took a ride from a "handsome man" in a small white car in hopes of getting to a party for the New York Dolls in the late 1970s. Although the man looked nice enough, she smelled a strong odor once she got into his car and quickly noticed that the window was locked. Luckily, as Too Fab revealed, Harry was able to open her door. However, because the driver didn't stop, she was thrown from the vehicle when the man took a sharp turn.

Years after the scary encounter with the then-mystery man, Harry came across a story about Ted Bundy and realized that he was allegedly the man who picked her up when she was hitch-hiking to the party. Harry said the article described "the modus operandi (of) how he got his victims ... matched exactly what happened to me."

"The hairs on the back of my neck stood up," she continued. Following Harry's claim in regard to her encounter with Bundy, a number of experts have cast doubt on her allegations, suggesting that facts of his story would make Harry's reported interaction with him impossible. Still, she insists it was him. "My story has been debunked since because Bundy is said to have been in Florida at the time and not NYC. But it was him," she wrote.