Meghan McCain's Claim That Her Family Has Nothing To Do With Her Success Has Twitter Buzzing

While we can't say life has always been good to Meghan McCain, we can say with some authority that things have been easier for her than most. After all, she's the daughter of a beloved senator and a mother whose family wealth includes a stake in Hensley & Co., a major distributor for beverage manufacturer Anheuser-Busch, and whose net worth is estimated at around $200 million (via Business Insider).

During an appearance on "The View" when the ladies were discussing nepotism, Meghan spoke up and said, "Look, I can only speak for myself, but every single door I've ever walked in my entire life, people automatically assume that you're going to be a lazy, spoiled brat that won't contribute to anything because you have famous parents" (via People). She continued, "It's something I have dealt with my entire life. I no longer care. I think my work ethics speaks for itself, but I think people think when you have a famous family or a famous parent, everything is just given to you and things are really easy."

She added that most of the people she knew who had famous parents had struggled with their own personal demons because they would inevitably be compared to the work carried out by his or her parents.

Twitter didn't take kindly to Meghan McCain's self-reflection

Meghan McCain's comments were a lightning rod for those in the Twitterverse who couldn't believe she didn't understand what doors privilege might have opened for her. "She will never get that the fact that the door was even open to her was only because of the parents she was born to. That's what makes things systemic. Most of us would never even have a chance to prove ourselves in those situations because they would never give us the chance," one Twitter user wrote.

"Is what she does there work? They sit around and give their opinions. I'm giving my opinion right now on Twitter. Should I be getting paid for this? Work ethic ... please. She probably gets paid for the time she sits in that chair letting the hair people make her look ridiculous," another social media user tweeted

A third tweeted: "I may be wrong but I remember the media opening a lot of doors for meghan when she first came on the scene because she was a daughter of a famous republican and she was saying things against republicans."