Susan Sarandon Reveals What She Really Wants In A Partner

Susan Sarandon is one of the most talented women in Hollywood. The actress has delighted fans for decades with roles in films such as "Thelma & Louise," "Step Mom," "Little Women," "Anywhere But Here," and more (via IMDb). However, like any actress, Sarandon's love life has also made headlines over the years. Ranker notes that the actress has been linked to many Hollywood hunks such as Sean Penn, Rupert Everett, Richard Gere, and others.

Sarandon was once married to fellow actor Chris Sarandon, per Today. The two wed in 1967 and were together for seven years before calling it quits. "We decided to mutually move on," she admitted, adding that she never wanted to get married to begin with. In 1984, she began a serious romance with director Franco Amurri and the pair later welcomed daughter Eva Amurri, who is also an actress. Sarandon and Amurri split in 1988 and the actress soon fell for actor Tim Robbins, who is 12 years her junior. The "Shawshank Redemption" star is Sarandon's most high-profile relationship to date. The two were together for over 20 years and share two sons together, Jack and Miles. However, they never married. Sadly, the two couldn't make it work and ended their longtime relationship in 2009.

Following the split, Sarandon went on to date entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin from 2010 to 2015. Now, the actress is opening up about the possibility of finding love again.

Susan Sarandon is looking for love or companionship

Susan Sarandon isn't giving up on finding romance. The 74-year-old actress says that while she may never find love again, she's certainly not opposed to it. "In terms of a romantic relationship, I don't know. That window may have closed, but I'm forever hopeful — but not desperate," she told People of her relationship status. 

Sarandon admits that even if love isn't in her future, she'd still like to find someone to travel the world with her and share adventures. "I would like to have a travel companion, male, female — age doesn't matter, but I would like to find someone who's [got an] up-for-an-adventure kind of attitude. And also, who cares about something passionately and who loves what they do, whatever that is."

The "Bull Durham" star also confessed that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it tough for her to meet new people. "COVID isn't exactly the most perfect dating situation to be finding people. So, I don't know, but I'm pretty happy making memories with my kids," Sarandon admitted. 

Meanwhile, the actress recently revealed that she doesn't mind being alone at the moment. "I'm kind of getting off on being by myself," she told the "Divorced Not Dead" podcast (via People). While Sarandon is confident in her single status, she's still as beautiful as ever, and perhaps candid comments will be the gateway to her next great love.