What You Need To Know Before Watching Heartbreak Island

Fans of reality dating shows may want to sink their teeth into "Heartbreak Island," per Decider. The show, which isn't a new concept, has been around for a few years. However, Discovery+ subscribers will get to enjoy a brand new season of the series on August 7 when new episodes begin streaming on the platform. If you're new to "Heartbreak Island" there are a few things you should know before deciding whether or not to tune in.

The series features 16 contestants who hail from Australia and New Zealand. The eight men and eight women are looking to find love and win money as they tackle dating in a whole new way. "'Heartbreak Island' will set hearts racing and temperatures rising when a group of single guys and girls put everything on the line in a bid to find their perfect match and the chance of winning $100,000," a synopsis for the show reads (via Next Season TV).

Heartbreak Island is a unique spin on reality TV dating shows

According to Decider, "Heartbreak Island" mixes online dating with in-person experiences. The hopefuls arrive at the tropical location only to choose their top three mates by looking at their online dating profile. The profile consists of only a few photos and a small bio to help the contestants make their decisions. Once their choices are locked in, there is no turning back.

The contestants are then matched up and the couples being their journey. The duos are expected to compete in challenges that offer a look into their compatibility and give each other a peek at their personalities. In addition, they're also placed in the same rooms together, which can either be exciting or awkward depending on the pairing. The couples are ranked by their popularity while on the show, as they compete to find love and win the cash prize at the end of the show.

While other shows such as "Bachelor in Paradise," "Love Island," and Love is Blind," offer similar viewing experiences, it seems that lovers of TV dating shows may want to check out "Heartbreak Island," which beings streaming on Discovery+ on August 7.