The Truth Behind Stacy London's Iconic Hair

If you watched TLC's decade-long run of "What Not To Wear," you're familiar with the name Stacy London. London was one half of the incredible fashion duo on "What Not To Wear" alongside the equally fabulous Clinton Kelly. Though she was primarily known for her tough love remarks on the show, there was another element to London's persona that caught viewers' attention. In addition to her amazing outfits, London was known for an iconic gray streak in her hair that she proudly displayed on camera.

London spoke with Cup of Joe in May 2021 about her famous gray streak and how she never felt the need to cover up this signature part of her appearance. "I've never felt uncomfortable about it. I think it puts me in the same category as Cruella de Vil or Rogue from X-Men. That's pretty iconic! There are actually easy ways I could hide it — I could part my hair a certain way and it wouldn't show. But I would never. It's a part of me."

Stacy is proud of her iconic hair

Stacy London divulged more details about her unique hair color while being interviewed by the Baltimore Sun in 2015. London says the gray streak appeared after a childhood illness when she was around 11 or 12 years old. "Nobody else in my family has it. I'm going to keep it. In my contract with Pantene they are not allowed to dye it." London did admit in the interview that she attempted to dye the streak pink once, but after the hair fell out, she decided she wouldn't mess with it again. Good idea!

London's confidence and pride in her iconic hair is ever present, even when facing the reality of gaining more grays as she ages. In her interview for Cup of Joe, London mentioned that she is noticing even more gray hairs during menopause, but she's not concerned. "I want to be welcoming to those changes. So, when I notice more gray hairs, I'll say little things to myself in the mirror, like, 'I can't wait to see more of you.'"