The Real Reason Welcome To Plathville's Olivia Disliked Her Wedding To Ethan

Every episode of TLC's "Welcome to Plathville" is a journey in its own right. Viewers follow a family in rural Georgia but can rest assured that this family isn't like any other (which is what makes the series so compelling — and TLC knows that). In fact, TLC describes the series on their website by saying, "The nine flaxen-haired children in the Plath family have never had a soda, don't know who Spiderman or Tom Brady is and have never watched TV, living remotely in rural Georgia with their 'follow their own rules' parents Kim and Barry Plath."

What makes the series so gripping to watch is the fact that it has it all. There's drama, questions surrounding if it's real or staged, heartbreaking moments, and every emotion in-between. You really grow to feel for this family, and that isn't always easy to capture through television. But sometimes moments on the show aren't what they cracked up to be, and sometimes a Plath family member abhors an event from the series. This is the case for Olivia Plath, who didn't love her marriage to Ethan Plath.

The real reason Olivia Plath didn't like her wedding day may surprise you

The drama surrounding Olivia and Ethan Plath's wedding isn't what it sounds like. Rumors have swirled forever that the couple isn't happy together and even that the two might get divorced, per CheatSheet, but the couple's reality is actually much lighter than that. According to People, Olivia's disdain toward the wedding had nothing to do with Ethan or her feelings about them as a couple. Instead, she was upset about the wedding day itself.

The reality star has since opened up about her feelings, explaining, "I just wanted the opportunity to have my dream day, not my [mother-in-law's] dream day, and wear what I wanted, invite who I wanted, eat what I wanted, have the music I wanted, etc. You know, like any bride would." She then added, "It's okay, we are going to have a redo one day."

The disagreements between the married couple and Ethan's parents run so deep that Olivia and Ethan don't talk to them anymore. "The only toxic thing was having to continue a relationship we didn't want with my in-laws for the sake of the show," Olivia has said of Kim and Barry. "So we decided to do what was best for us and cut contact. Now we are so much happier, and continue to make choices that reflect cutting out drama and choosing peace."

The couple seems to be in a very good place now if Olivia's recent statements are any indication, and we couldn't be happier for the couple as they forge their own path forward.