If You're An Taurus, Do This Workout Routine

If you are a believer in the stars, you might look to your horoscope for relationship advice, career suggestions, and even how to plan out your week. But did you know that, according to your sign, there is a fitness routine that might best suit you? According to astrologer and numerologist Sharita Star, there is a workout style that best matches your zodiac sign (via Shape).


Taureans are, according to Astrology Zone, very much aware of their senses and tend to live a sedentary rather than active type of lifestyle, which can cause the bull health problems later in life. Sharita shares with Shape that, because of the Taurus' patience threshold and chill personality, "Wherever workouts take you, doing them in nature makes your soul sing."

Astrological experts agree that the Taurus prefers a more chillaxed workout routine and Harper's Bazaar reports that incorporating the senses while exercising is a surefire way to keep the Taurean's attention.

The bull thrives in nature

Astrological consultant and healer Rachel Lang tells PopSugar that the Taurus doesn't mind working out alone so a walk or hike outside may prove to be beneficial for both the body and mind of the second sign in the zodiac. For cardio, a power walk or jog somewhere in a picturesque setting like the beach, a walking trail, or even a botanical garden is fitting, as nature helps the bull stay grounded. Adding music will help motivate the bull to keep going (via Astrology Zone).


The Taurus can also benefit from strength-building workouts like calisthenics. Stacy Berman, founder of Stacy's Bootcamp tells Shape that the Taurus should "Opt for a program that offers all outdoor classes — all year long, rain or shine — so your commune with nature is complete." Outdoor yoga classes, archery, golf, or any activity that is slow-paced and requires focus can also be appealing to the Taurus. 

The experts at Sun Signs agree that any activity that requires focus — like martial arts — is an exercise the bull will excel at, and by incorporating music and nature, the Taurus will feel as if in its true element.