How To Wear A Cropped Halterneck, The Latest Trend To Come Back From Y2K

The early 2000s were a truly special time. In the years following the turn of the century, people were introduced to countless reality TV series, the first iterations of social media, and an assortment of trends and styles that seemed, at times, so outlandish that you might have thought they would never come back in style. If you do find yourself longing for the Juicy Couture tracksuits, low-rise jeans, and bare midriffs of the early aughts, you're in luck. The fashion world has seen a major resurgence in styles that are reminiscent of the early 2000s, according to InStyle, giving a nod to the Y2K styles you once loved.

Celebrities didn't exactly give the best style guidance the first time we saw Y2K styles, with stars like Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera regularly showing up to the red carpet making less-than-refined statements with their outfits (via Harper's Bazaar). But now that you're older and wiser, you can create a nice outfit with that top you still have in the back of your closet — especially if that top is the fan-favorite cropped halter. The cropped halter top is making a major comeback, and you can style it a few different ways.

Cropped halters are surprisingly versatile

Once considered a statement piece, the halter top has, according to Cosmopolitan, become a versatile wardrobe staple. They're the perfect low-coverage summer top, and you can easily dress them up with your favorite skirt or down with a great pair of jeans. In true Y2K spirit, don't be afraid to go for a baggier, wide-leg style to balance the ultra-feminine aesthetic of the halter silhouette. Take a style tip from Marie Claire and add an edgy long coat or make it an all-black ensemble for an off-duty model vibe.

Who What Wear recommends going full-on 90s with a column skirt and a pair of heeled mules, another retro staple making a major comeback in recent years. You can also keep an eye out for modern details and updates to the classic, says Refinery29, as the halter top selection of today will offer more colors, patterns, and variations on the silhouette. There's a halter top for every bottom, and with such easy wearability, this trend will surely be around for many summers to come.