The Real Difference Between Pajamas And Loungewear

You get home from a day at work or a trip to the grocery store, and you might want to get your outfit off and change into something much comfier before settling down to relax or laze around the house. After all, who wants to sit in work clothes for any longer than absolutely necessary? Of course, it's time to get the pajamas or loungewear out — but which of the two will you choose?

Pajamas and loungewear are both much more appealing if you can get away with a more casual appearance, but what is the real difference between the two? You might be used to using the two terms interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference. Admittedly, you might not be too concerned with the difference when you get home tired in the evening and just want to be more comfortable, but overall, it's something worth knowing. Here's what sets pajamas and loungewear apart from each other.

Pajamas are meant for sleep only

Pajamas are designed for you to wear at bedtime, per Fashion Mommy. They have a generous fit and can have more exciting patterns or themes — the sort of thing you might not wear while you're out and about. 

Loungewear, while still casual, is a little more stylish (although some pajamas are pretty trendy, too) and tends to fit the body better. Whereas pajamas are for wearing while you're in bed if you're not otherwise too hot, you can wear loungewear if you have guests over, or if you need to run a quick errand and don't want to put on some more formal attire, as suggested by Fashion Mommy. On the other hand, you might feel a little more awkward answering the door in your sleepwear, as it doesn't fit as nicely as loungewear and can feel a little more clumsy. This makes it less practical to wear pajamas when doing things that require physical activity, like working out or doing some housework, per I Want It Like This.

If you're just sitting around at home watching TV on your day off, you probably don't need to think too much about whether you should wear one or the other. However, if you've got anything else planned, you might want to go for the loungewear.