Here's Why Your Face Is Turning Red While You're Working Out

Working out has many benefits for your health. Regular exercise can boost your mood, give you energy, help you sleep, combat health concerns, and even improve your sex life, according to the Mayo Clinic. It can also help you maintain a healthy weight. At least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three times a week or 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise five times a week can promote these health benefits, according to The American College of Sports Medicine.

If you are exercising regularly, you are likely leaving the gym looking like a fresh tomato. A bright red face has become synonymous with a good workout. While we are all familiar with the hue of a post-workout face, the reasoning behind it may not be known to all. Is your red post-workout face from working out in the heat? Maybe a product of sweating? Is it connected to blood flow somehow? The short answer is yes. There is a science behind why your face turns bright red after a nice and sweaty workout. Keep scrolling to learn more about why your face is turning red while you're working out.

A red face is nothing to worry about

According to Premier Dermatology, there are many factors at play to explain why your face turns red during a sweat sesh. When your heart rate rises from a workout, you begin to breathe heavier and your heart will begin to beat faster. These factors cause your blood vessels to respond and widen. While your blood vessels widen, your skin begins to go flush. The temperature increasing in your body brings the blood to the surface of your face, as well. Your body's initial reaction to this process is to sweat. All of this works together to bring a flush, red hue to your face. Those with fair skin are especially susceptible to a red-faced workout.

Though you might feel and look rough after an intense workout, there is no cause for concern. Your face is turning red as a response to the changes that take place in your body as you work out. Basically, it is your body attempting to cool itself off. So cheers to your red face, it is your body doing its thing to bring you more comfort as you work your butt off in the gym!